Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Slows

I really expected to find going over to the big island yesterday a crowded experience but it was not only not crowded, it was less than normal crowded. Sort of. Maybe bouncy seas account for that. Maybe people expected it to be too crowded. 

Maybe, some were concerned, like the girl sitting next to me on the way back, little gasps of fear coming from her with apologies (I dozed as the waves took us on a natural roller coaster ride). That tends to put some people off, being splashed by waves while rolling about a bit. I rubbed her back, told her it was very safe and to enjoy it before falling asleep again. Oh what a comfort I am. She was kind enough to not throw up on me.

As this was intended to be a pretty casual trip, even festive! even holidayish! we planned on lunch at Lolita's, where we had to park about three blocks (they are not really blocks but if they were, there would be three of them) away. I hadn't been there in ages, the menu was bigger, the parking lot was more full. Still, the servers are just as smiley and super friendly as ever and we got served immediately. The margaritas are as good as always and the food filling. Not the Mexican epicurean experience of a lifetime, but good tasting, with hot sauce that is truly hot, along with fair pricing, it works. There were a lot of business people, a few families looking like Christmas has brought them together, with smiles all around. I'm not sure how many people were there, a lot is the scientific hypothesis,  but we were eating within ten or fifteen minutes, which just goes to show that Mexican food and microwaves have a good symbiotic relationship that does not much harm to either. 

Somehow at the end of the day, I inherited 2 baby 'rescued' chicks, entirely of my own doing, I assure you. The coop has a couple of baby enclosures that work well. Well. Except for the last time I tried this. Oh, safety inside was and is assured, but on being let out, they became canapes for the ever watching hawk. Oops. Nature takes care of business, I am only a diversionary handmaiden.

It was time to let tomorrow come on little 25 mph gust feet.

The one on the left doesn't seem too perky, but maybe he'll/she'll make it. It's a tough world out there.
Sun hide and seek has been the watchword this morning, so I tried to make a moment of it. A sun moment. It was blowing hard enough that these egrets, who normally fly at dawn, were still on Iguana Island, preening like movie stars, nuancing the phrase 'getting their feathers ruffled' indeed.

I'm done and I look fabulous!

I think you missed a spot there, Fred.
Then the rain started again and everyone has been left to their own devices. Except the not so perky chick who gets water boarded every little while. Not only am I a comfort in a stormy sea, but contain a heart of gold as a  chick caretaker. I almost make me get weepy.

And now the sun is shining again, so a dash out the door is in order. With an umbrella. The Bright Yellow Umbrella that is becoming dear to me. Thanks again, Karen!

Have a lovely Solstice Saturday! Do something solar.