Saturday, December 28, 2013

Culebra Sharing

Sometimes I see sights around here about which I don't really understand enough to explain. At core level, though, I get it. I know I like it and I know it is Culebra, a hand in hand feeling like the proverbial favorite old pair of jeans fitting comfortably, in mind if not in body.

(I miss those jeans, finally worn out with use, not fashion intent - intricately sewn on leather patches, one a handmade birthday gift of smiling lips, my own terrible embroidery, symbolism of the worst sort - astrological signs of myself and a man I thought I was in love with, inside a sun. Yes, that bad and that good)

This has been around throughout most of the holidays, on the main street of town. It's like a...well, you decide what you think. It's always tidy, keeping to its space, not impeding traffic (unless you have a giant trolley to get to the ferry, I suppose).

The building it rests against was once a bar. Fancy that. It is just one of those Culebra things. It will be gone in its time.

What isn't gone and surprised me last night around 8:30 was a parranda truck, complete with police car in the lead, blaring some good music. They passed by too soon for me to gather my wits and my camera; at first I thought it was just a musically loud car until twinkles of many colored lights flashed off my retinas. 

Excuse the awful photo...I gathered my wits and camera but not quite the proper attire to be standing in the street, so I missed the best part and blurred the rest. Drat!

They hung out at Susie's restaurant for quite a while before heading up and around the hill and back to the main road. I thought I was ready, from my shadowed spot, but I wasn't. Parranda post Christmas day? At 8:30 in the evening? I don't remember parrandas going on after Christmas but, there are gaps in that net. If I rightly remember, it's more like, yes, ok Culebra, that was interesting. 

Today there was a post with a link on Lloyd Kahn's blog about a subject I love, wooden spoons, but had only some idea the history and depth and passion so well expressed by Robin Wood. I'm re-hooked, if not on actually carving them, yet, then at least delving into more background and examples. Lloyd has shared his newly found pleasure in carving spoons (if you don't know who Lloyd Kahn is, you're in for a treat. If you liked the Whole Earth Catalog, you like him already; he was one of the editors. If you like building with wood, domes, books on practical, close to the earth living; if you like skateboarding, surfing, fishing, gardening, he's your guy. And if you like someone who can help inspire you to all of those things, he's that too. In his past the middle of 70's, he hasn't stopped living every day in anticipation of 'what's out there and how should I get there? Walk, run, skateboard, zip line, swim?' Ok, I'm totally infatuated impressed and I'm not ashamed.

All of that to say if you have a love of wooden spoons, check out the link!

Another spoon maker, John McAbery (also a brilliant wood sculptor of art pieces). 
I might have posted these before, but they are worth seeing again. 
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Have a sensation of surety Saturday. Do something with singularity.

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