Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Old Year's Night Day!

Thank you, dear gentle (and even if you aren't, there's a part that is) readers, for going through another year with me. Looking, laughing, whining, wining, working along the way of this year. For sharing with me, making me laugh more, slogging through the boggy parts, surprising me with oh my's. I'm grateful.

I'm wishing for you all more laughter, less tears. More graciousness, less rudeness. More giving, less taking. More peace, less strife. More warmth, less...oops, okay, I'm sure you're getting the idea. 

Norwich sketch - Old Year's Night

So out with the Old, in with the New! May your cups overflow with all things good and may the not so good be merciful. Be safe. Be happy. Be yourself.

Let the fresh wind blow!

Have a tremendously total Tuesday. Do something that takes you to the top.

1 comment:

  1. Here here! Glass up to you. Keep on shooting (photos that is) and writing. Happy New Year!!