Friday, April 25, 2014

Culebra Free Range Friday ~ The Hungry Iguana

Originally this was going to be about a meal I made. Not a super exciting meal, but a good one, healthy, happy, easy peasy and happy to the belly. Then of course, trees got in my way. What can I say, my track has curves in it and other byways that must be followed at times. I was home, playing with things to make mobiles (mahogany seed pods, if you must know) when suddenly it seemed the yard was alive with iguanas. Iguanas in the trees, on the ground, on the roof of the chicken coop. But one particularly large fellow caught my eye. 

I knew that he knew I was watching. Closely watching. What would he go for? The orchid flowers were gone. I'm hiding the basil he seems to enjoy. The squash blossoms? One of his faves but none are blooming today (if I actually GET a squash, it will be a miracle). No, he was testing, testing, testing.

Hmmm, this looks good.

But wait!

This looks even better! Oh! Oh! Oh boy! Looky there!

I thought this was all gone! It's back! I LOVE this stuff!!!


I wish I could eat it faster!

Oh yes! Like nectar on the tongue.

Savor the flavor...mmmmmmm.

Enough of that savoring, mmmmppphhhh

Oh...I really shouldn't have

Well, hell, I'll diet...never. HAHAHAHAHA

Let's see if I can finish this off in one huge bite!

Damn, I'm good. 

Huh. Just A Little More. I can do this.

Oh yeah, let's take this baby down


I think I have some stuck under my tongue

Got it. 

How do you like that, human? 30 seconds! That's a record, even for me. Is that bougainvillea over there?

He did indeed move on to the bougainvillea, I guess red always is a nice color for dessert. 

So while I shared no human food, I did share a meal. With you. And with him as well...sort of.

Have a frolic in your frustrations Friday. Do something freely folly-like.

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