Friday, April 4, 2014

Free Range Friday ~ Pincho Joe

I think everyone remembers one of the first awesome local people they met when moving into a special place. My special place is Culebra and one of the first I met here was Pincho Joe. I'd see people lined up at this little spot at Happy Landing and wonder what was going on until I finally went over and checked it out. What were pinchos? Deliciousness on a skewer served up by this really friendly guy and his wife.  It became a regular stop and like many, I usually couldn't wait to get home before devouring the first one, walking down the road, pincho in one hand, napkin in the other.

Then he closed up shop and while there were other pinchos to be had, it wasn't the same experience and never tasted quite the same. Joe has magic and the magic is the real love of what he does. So now they are doing it again. If you haven't stopped by, you should. Pinchos, rotisserie chicken and great sides, plus Joe and his beautiful bride? What's not to like?

 I happened to swing by right when Glen, the Lalai Dama of hot sauce, was checking out Joe's brew. He gives it hs seal of approval and that's a very good thing. Joe's is a weekend thing, just so you know. And p.s. pinchos are great to add into other dishes; use your imagination!

They should be ready by 11 or so

Pinchos on the grill!

Before I got to Joe's there were chickens and a cat to be fed. Yesterday I'd been looking at cracks in the earth, 2 or 3 inches wide and more inches deep. Today, the ground was soft under my feet, the cracks were gone and stomping in puddles was a good way to celebrate this much needed rain. For visitors, maybe not so beautiful, but for those of us with almost empty cisterns and thirsty plants, it is most welcome.

You might have to be local to consider this a beautiful sky

But go to the beach anyway! In only a few minutes, it can look like this again.
Feed your body, feed your soul. And try to only eat food made with love, it'll do ya good. Buen provecho!

Have a find fine food Friday. Do something feastingly.


  1. Lovely series of photos!

    1. Thank you! Joe is one seriously photogenic guy too, that always helps (his wife doesn't really like being in photos).