Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sunset, Moonrise, Sunrise ~ Swiftly Flow the Days

I spent some sunset time overlooking Melones waters and beyond. There are a zillion photos of sunsets and sunrises; I know that every person that takes one feels the wonder. And every single one is different. Every day a movie with a different ending each time. How amazing is that? It's the little huge things.

But first: This mama and another one were all mingled up together.Then they went their separate ways, each chick knowing where to go. 

How do they know?

Mama doing the model walk
Walking back up the hill, there were these pretty goats. But they weren't alone or on their own.

Following Poppy
 Now I get to the sunset part.

Islands in the sun

No green flash this night

G'night Sol.

Hello, Moon! You're back!
 It was early morning and time to head back to cats and chickens. But first, it was sunrise and a surprise double rainbow to celebrate the brief rain that blessed us.

I did a little Happy Birthday, Jonny! dance. My little brother will always be my little brother, no matter how old he gets. He's the best!

Happy birthday, bro! 

Have a telepathic Thursday! Do something topnotch.


  1. One of our favorite places. Quiet, always a breeze. Love the sound of the lapping waves, except when the ferry comes in, then crashing waves, but only for a few moments.

    1. These days, those crashing ferry waves are quite welcome, the more the better! It is a special place, Melones, definitely has its own special vibe.