Friday, April 25, 2014

Free Range Friday ~ Free Trees!

I have a lot of catching up to do. These items are important and time sensitive, so they get first billing!

Nadeen informed us, via Pam's list (and I just saw it this morning, so sorry!!) Go get a tree!

Trees arrive Friday early a.m......will be at plaza at Ferry Dock
donated by DNER charge...just promise
to plant them and make Culebra GREENER !!!
Sponsored by Recycling dept.

This is great information to have. Print it out and post it on your wall/fridge/bathroom mirror. These folks work hard, let's help make this work.

Sometimes, the view from where I am working makes it a little difficult to work. But this view is a little bit of why we want to keep Culebra as true to herself as possible. Clean, green, simple. There are plenty of places to go in the world if you want entertainment provided by humans; here, Nature has already provided her wealth. Our job is to keep it this way and not let humans destroy what has been so beautifully given. Not just the big bad developer sorts, but each person who goes to the beach, hikes the trails, walks the streets. That is, you and me. 

I never tire of this view, though every year it changes. Let's all work to make those changes good ones.

There is more, but because the trees are, if they are, literally arriving right now, unless this is for next Friday, a caveat I add because this is Culebra, I'll post again later today.

Edited to note: The trees did arrive! I'm not sure of all the kinds and there were not a lot (I was too involved trying to find out what kind they were and chatting with others there to get trees and forgot to take photos. Oops. They were in their pots in rings around the big tree on the Plaza. A good Arbor Day offering indeed! Thanks, all from Humacao and our own Recycling Department for making this happen.

In the meantime, do something good for where ever you live. You'll feel better, trust me.

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