Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What a Day for a Daydream

Yesterday a dog took us to the beach for a day of what we are here for that doesn't happen often enough. No, it's not the 'you live there so you don't see it' syndrome. We see and we appreciate - yet don't always have the chance to spend a whole day getting inside of the beauty. Earth Day just happened to coincide with glorious. We're thanking Gail for that. 

Bill and his charter guests slid by. We gave him a call to put out his jib for the photo but it's in the shop.

First girl to hit the water

Sail Rock changed colors all day long, from greys and black to guana whites

Thanks for being part of the show
When we got to the beach some visitors were in the easy to get to spot, which I was pretty sure is against the law after Semana Santa. Um, I'm kidding. But they were quietly enjoying the day, no blaring music and I know we made a lot more noise than they. Laughter isn't quiet. At least ours isn't.

Doing a little flats fishing

Strolling the shore

Light shifted, the painters were very busy and doing a fine job

Camp. We weren't camping this time. Maybe another time.

Best dog ever to take to the beach. She entertained by doing her quiet thing all day. 

We brought bags to pick up trash but there was already a discarded styrofoam cooler (obviously from off island. It got filled in a hurry. Unfortunately, the nice couple left a lot of trash behind them. I was hoping for better.

Sail Rock later in the day

Cargo ships, fuel ships, cruise ships made their ways to where ever they were going, thankfully not here.

Yes, it's time to go home now

A very good day with friends both present and present in our hearts. Life is good. 

Have a wonderful world Wednesday. Do something worthy.


  1. Hello! My name is Doug. I am trying to move to the island in July. I have been in contact with Zach over at zacos tacos and he is helping me all he can. I am still trying to find an available room/apartment for rent and it is difficult for me to contact anyone down there with my limited amount of contacts and minimal online listings outside of vacation properties. If you know of anything I'd be more that appreciative! Any help at all! is my email if you need to reach me.

    1. I'm not much help in the rental department and if Zach is helping you out, you've got the pipeline to whatever good info is out there. It's all about timing and summer is as good a time as any. July is a big busy month here, as every weekend contains a Puerto Rican holiday, along with the 4th of July, but that is holiday stuff...If anyone reading this reads Doug's comment and has a constructive suggestion, give him a shout! Good luck, Doug!

  2. Love all the photographs too!