Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ Or Not

This first visual on offer is not about a tiny home. It isn't even about a tiny space. But it is about tiny dreams becoming reality. Not once. Not twice. But three times. 

When Susie opened her first place in the neighborhood up behind Abbie's school, Guarida del Zorro, or Fox's Lair, it was tiny. One side was big enough for a few bar stools and a pool table, with a few chairs along the wall. Through a flimsy door was the food side, maybe six tables, mostly two tops and a very tiny, very hot kitchen. 

(where are the photos of the old places? you might be asking. Good question! I'm still looking, sorry about that. If anyone has some of Fox's Lair, I'd love to see them!)

Next came the new place. Fox's Lair? Why bother to call it that when everyone called it Susie's anyway? And so it became. Mark painted fish murals, friends help tear apart the inside, painting was done along with building. The doors to Susie's opened with at least ten tables inside and maybe that many outside, along with the bar. 

This last move was a move forward into some pretty powerful history. On the same space where Justo had the restaurant Las Delicias, Susie's would at last come home. Farther out of town but the building was owned, just ready for some sweat equity and vision. Susie and Jacinto have plenty of both. A bar was built. A kitchen was created. Outside seating, arches indoor bar area as well as outdoor...and while the menu has changed and the plates long ago stopped being paper or plastic, there is still a vibe that harkens back to the Fox's Lair...that you've come into a place run and worked by people who keep it Culebra casual with a flair. 

This latest build embodies all of that. Open, casual comfortable. Not tiny, but the seed that started it was. Now, if we can just get Susie to come out of the kitchen and sing again...

I've posted most of these as the build has gone along but putting them all together makes me happy. Keeping me happy is almost a full time job.

Chickens go where chickens want to go

And now Susie's will be closed for the month of May, maybe to take a tiny vacation and no doubt to work more on making dreams realities. Dream your dream, work your dream. Tiny can end up surprisingly big.

Just so you know I'm looking at tiny homes around Culebra...these three are stealth photos. Nice families live here, but I'm not sure they'd be all about the whole tiny home thing. This first container home has been here longer than I have, in fact when I first moved here a guy who became a friend named Bob lived there. There's a little addition off the back and except for some paint and maybe new windows, it's pretty much the same. 

This second container was brought in maybe six years ago or so. It is a long term rental unit. A porch was built. Then the wall was built. The yellow got brighter, some plantings were done and wa la. Home.

The T1-11 on the end is, I'm guessing, how they dealt with the door issue. Maybe one day I'll know these people well enough to ask them to look around and take photos of the inside of their homes. In the meantime...I don't and I won't.

Have a take tiny tiptoesteps Tuesday. Do something trackable. 


  1. You crack me up when you say "Wa la" instead of voila! After all we are not in France!

    1. I've been writing and saying it that way for about 40 years, why quit now? Well, unless I'm in upscale company. Then I say..Gol'dammy!

  2. Wow, Susies looks great. I would love to stop by there. Someday soon I'll be back.

    1. Just make sure you come back when she's open!

  3. Tiny homes of the future?

    1. That's...beyond amazing. I so do NOT understand laser printing in this fashion, even though I watched a video of it being done at a trade show. Maybe it's my 'show me' learning curve but it's like strange magic. For 5 grand, yes, I certainly can believe it would be a wave in the future. I mean, can you then furnish it the same way? My mind boggles.