Saturday, April 26, 2014

Going Out and Having Fun ~ Culebra Lull Style

We don't seem to get much lull time these days (off season quiet time here). It's a subtle thing now, still plenty of visitors are around, but the lines have pretty much disappeared, traffic isn't as crazy - what we consider crazy, anyway, and the seats in the bars and restaurants are more likely to be filled with familiar faces than not. It's all good.

First though, the sky was putting on a good cloud show yesterday.

While back on earth...

With friends coming and going and Susie's closing for the month of May, we decided to do the Friday night small tour. That means not heading into town (all that way into town means going two blocks the 'other' way), we were on a mission. Dinghy Dock music and Susie's. Mission accomplished.

Good to see y'all out! Cruisers fill the table behind, new faces and old

With one Doug in the states, Grady filled in. A different kind of music, in this case, different was good! Harp on.

Mr. Dapper

My favorite dinghy. You've seen it before, you'll see it again.

Just another beautiful sailboat

Mike and Rico talkin' talk, no doubt something that includes fixing something

Pat getting her groove on

The usual suspects
 It was time to head to Susie's and try out that new space. It's beautiful!

What's not to like?

Salmon tartare and tuna bites were the perfect delicious amount for sharing

Too bad we didn't like it much. It's embarrassing to lick plates in public, even among friends

Lookin' good and havin' fun

Quiet spaces

Chillin' faces
It's a wrap.

Have a sweetly sheltered Saturday. Do something subtly sublime.


  1. Susies patio is gorgeous, and the food, as always, is too! I'm still amazed at those massive wood columns. Can't wait to see them live.