Friday, April 18, 2014

Free Range Friday ~ A Big Moon Pie

Last night I had a dream (I know, I've been gone a few days and now I want to tell you my dreams - cheeky, aren't I? It won't take long, bear with me) about a project that a lot of people I know were talking about. There were dogs and other animals, but mainly dogs. We were in this huge compound of buildings, adobe like buildings, very simply but beautifully made, but there was also the sea. It was pretty sweet. 

My son was talking to me and I asked him what the project was called. He said, it's simple, Mom, it's called Every Single Time. A person picks one thing, something really simple, and decides to do it every single time the occasion presents itself. It might be telling someone you love them, or picking up only plastic bottles or smiling at strangers. It could be anything, as long as it's simple and possible to do every single time.

In my dream, I chose something but I didn't wake up remembering what that was. So I'm thinking about what mine will be and have promised myself that by the end of the day, I'll have it. It has to be something I'll really do, every single time. That's a pretty good dream. Ok, I'm back on Planet Culebra now.

On to moon pies. This is pretty easy, and available to everyone on Earth. If you aren't on Earth, please disregard. It only involves looking up. No two pies will be the same, even though they are always the same. But there is only one to work with, you'll have to share.

The moon the night/morning of the eclipse, on the rise

I set my alarm for 2:30 and it was already half way gone

The sky had gone from rainy cloudy to completely clear. Thanks, Universe!

Mars and Saturn were brilliantly riding along with the Moon, but the photos I took with all three just didn't work out.

Of course, seeing this in real life was totally a different experience. The roundness of the moon, its deep glowing color in a completely black sky backdrop...well worth being tired for the next day.

Around this time there was an incredible shooting star that flew from one side of the island to the other. I'm pretty sure in real life it was more than a scant few miles though. It's all about perception and that was mine.

It seemed like the shadow lasted a long, long time. I think it did.

But finally, in a pattern that has been going on long before my eyes first saw it and one that will continue long after my eyes are closed for good, the light came back. There will be four, count 'em, four total eclipses this year, so mark your calendars; maybe one of them is yours.
You don't have to have an eclipse to make moon pie. You just need a moon and a spoon.

A big spoon.

It is Semana Santa this week, Holy Week on the Christian calendar, Passover on the Jewish calendar, coinciding pretty closely this year. There is another calendar here that isn't official but it certainly is real. If Mardi Gras is crazy party time leading to serious religious time in some places, Semana Santa week is that in our neck of the islands. Boats pour in from the big island, giant inflatable beer bottles rise over the rooftops, banners for liquor fly and alcoholic beverages flow. If bunnies and eggs confuse you about Easter, that's nothing compared to Semana Santa. Just ask any bartender or maintenance if you are around here, you can add a side dish of sane. Be patient, relax, you'll be attended to as soon as possible. Pick up and get rid of your trash. Smile. And try driving like you were in your own home town with the chief of police behind you. Stir well. Enjoy.

It will be a lot more crowded at Dakity before the weekend is over. 

Have a free your foundations Friday. Do something familiar.


  1. Awesome photos, especially the moon/cloud one! New camera? Glad you're back.

    1. The last three were with the new camera. I have no clue what I'm doing with it, but having fun! Glad to be back. Now cross your fingers for a miracle with my computer!

    2. Fingers crossed! I got the camera bug badly this morning. It's sitting in the online shopping cart while I do the pros/cons wants/ needs thing. I think the wants & pros are going to win. ;)

    3. Good luck! A lot of good times ahead.