Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Earth, Fire and Helicoptors

No, I don't have a photo of the helicopter that woke a fair number of folks early yesterday morning. There might have been a swoosh sound of a lot of scrambling going on with the folks in blue and black swooping through the island taking mopes off to the pokey, but that's impossible to photograph. I, being a long time glad I don't panic when a cop is in my rearview person, am always glad to see a clean up of the negative from Culebra. We live in such a beautiful place, let's all work to keep it that way and take the trash out. 'Nuff said.

Out of the Blue: I wondered what I was writing about a few years ago at this time. 

My garden from 2009 - I need to step it up!
Then news came of a fire on a hill that became a fire on quite a few hills. Our wonderful bomberos, along with other official caretakers and volunteers rode to the ready, protecting a few homes that were endangered. Luckily, the wind went flat and while last reports have it still burning (and the whole island smelling like a campfire pit), it sounds like things are under control.

I didn't go up there as from all reports there were lots of able people on the scene. But a drive out to Zoni showed one part of the fire.

The darker smoke on the backside of the hill abated even as I watched

Fire to the left of me, gorgeous to the right
There is barely a breath of wind this morning, a good thing as there will be fire spots to keep an eye on today until it's all out. Rain would be great, but none is forecast for now. Keep the grass down around your homes, it makes a big difference!

I wouldn't mind erasing yesterday, except for one thing. I'd been bidding on a camera on Ebay, feeling frustrated with this one...serviceable but with only a screen and no eyepiece viewer in our bright tropical environment, I was often shooting blindly and hoping for the best. So I jumped off the cliff of fiscal sanity (not an unfamiliar leap) and got the camera! Well, I haven't got it in my hands yet but soon come and I'm very excited about it. Hopefully, you will be too.

Have a wayfaring Wednesday. Do something weightless.


  1. Congratulations on the camera!! I know you've been wanting it. Enjoy enjoy, and we will too.

    1. Thanks! He sent it off yesterday, now I'll be haunting the PO. Poor Tony.