Monday, March 31, 2014

Feelin' Wavy

I see beautiful water every day but I don't hear it all of the time. Water people need to hear as well as see and feel the water. I guess if you are a mountain person, you need to smell the trees and hear the, that's just a guess, if you're a mountain person, tell me what you really need. I like mountains, but I don't need them. Hills will do. With water rolling to the base of them. Like here.

It was the luring, crazy winds of afternoon that drew me beachward
And it was waves like this that kept me around for awhile

We were all headin' for the barn
Ensenada Honda seemed so calm and quiet
Ok, we weren't all headed for the barn
Always a pretty sight
Then I had to come back this morning, addiction can be a beautiful thing. The waves weren't as booming, but they were still beautiful. And there is a force here, a life force that opens a day in ways better than...a lot of other ways.

Spindrift (which might be my second favorite English word in the world)
All that glitters...glitters.

I was low in the morning sky sundazed and while I thought I was going to swim a bit, the water felt cold without much warmth on it yet. Home again home again. Wave on. Wave off.

Have a more than man-made Monday. Do something mystical.


  1. I'm a water person, I can't drive over a bridge without looking up the river. An old person once told me that was because we all come from the sea.

    1. Maybe that old person was right...there's something about wild water!

  2. Beautiful photos! I could hear them. :)