Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tiny House Tuesday on Wednesday ~ North Carolina and Fajardo

Some days line up like orderly soldiers, everything planned taking place when it is supposed to and then, there are other days, the fun ones, looking more like pick up sticks than a box of spaghetti. Yesterday was somewhere right in the middle of those either ends, which made it a pretty good day.

It started well because my first thought was Happy Birthday, Elijah! 35 years ago I got me a son! And every year, that initial crazy Mama love just keeps growing with him, through the downs and ups and up higher.

Hair is shorter these days but I'll have to get out there and take a photo for myself!
Next up! A friend in North Carolina sent me a couple of photos of a house he saw and thought about me. It's not tiny but living on a smaller scale is a bigger concept than square footage and this one works for me.

This is near the top of the Sauratown Mountain, only about 15 minutes away from Steve and Lisa's own home. photo credit: Stephen Harding

And this is the view. Wide open space with a mountain big is that?
If seeing small and tiny homes makes someone think of me, that is a happiness maker on all measures of any scale. Thanks, Steve!

Yesterday was a 'get thee to Fajardo' day. The passenger ferry was there, the moon was still shining and the Spring Break passengers were all in good spirits.

The publico ride to town made its usual slow way through the longest and shortest stop light in the world, there was plenty of time to look around.

A sign I hadn't noticed before. Somehow, the Chili's logo just seemed wrong for the rest of the sign. I wanted a pig pit.
Walking back from my appointment, I could finally take some photos that last week had some weird thing going on...I'd stop to take a photo and up would drive a car. It would park. The owner of the place would get out and stand there. Not good for taking photos. This week, everyone was someplace else. Thank you.

This abandoned house sits on the main road between town and the ferry, but it's easy to go right by it, even walking, and miss it because of the jungle growing around it. Lots of fruit trees and overgrown beautiful plants tell a story of a once cared for home, along with the architectural details on the porch. Inside were a few arched doorways but because I knew a neighbor across the street was checking out me checking out the house, I didn't trespass too far. Maybe next time.

Which came first, the porch or the sidewalk?

Obviously this porch is now another room of the house. It will be interesting to see how they finish it (a window or two would be nice) and hopefully they won't do away with the framing that makes me think of something Turkish rather than Mediterranean.

Come in! Welcome! one is home here anymore.
After the ferry we were supposed to get on broke down (yep, here we go), we thought we might have to wait for the really late ferry, but luckily, the cargo ferry came in and we all got aboard. And I mean all, including a film crew making a commercial for Spain. Or so I heard.

The big wave that splashed them didn't seem to deter the shoot, but it did get a lot of laughter from the rest of us, eclipsing the guy that had a bad stomach incident that I apparently missed completely while dozing on and off. Unfortunately, the really nice girl sitting next to me was not so lucky, but she had such a great attitude. "At least it wasn't any other body fluid." Sanguine indeed!

Finally we were back, and not too much later than we would have reached otherwise. Tina and I had plans to start celebrating her birthday early and my son's birthday vicariously. Let the plans begin!

After a happy hour time at Dinghy Dock we headed to Susie's for what turned out to be some of the best food I've eaten in quite awhile. The kind you rave about, to the chefs, to the servers, to each other. The kind your mouth remembers. Oh yes!

We weren't really dinner hungry so we ordered the salmon roll and the tuna tartar. I wasn't sure what I'd think of the salmon roll as we were told it was done as tempura. I like tempura but I've had it done well and I've had it done...not so well. This was the best I've ever had. Barely dusted with an almost translucent coating of batter but crunchy and crispy, the salmon was the star. The tuna tartar, served with chips drizzled with a sauce (hoisin? something good) took a lot of restraint to eat in small bites, but small bites it was to make it last longer. I'm pretty sure we didn't lick the platter. Pretty sure.

Serious carrot cake

Back in the day when being Mama was a 24/7 way of life, every birthday was celebrated with homemade carrot cake. I have to say, I make a pretty awesome carrot cake; not as pretty as this one though.

Nooooooo....not a photo!
We toasted Elijah, we toasted Tina's next day birthday. And then that cake was gone!

And on to the day!

Have a wakeful Wednesday! Do something warm-hearted.

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