Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From Beach to Reach to Happy 2 Times

Yesterday friends Mark & Tina, with all their gear finally arrived and installed, listened to the wind and set out for their next destination. I mostly care about them crossing the Mona Passage, since Tina and I spent a good 45 minutes or so writing notes to put in wine bottles (which had been laboriously emptied over the last couple of weeks, for the sake of scientific experiment), where they will be tossed in the drink. The one written from the cats will most likely be answered first.

Of course my camera battery died. Oh wait, I have that phone thing!
While I waited for them to come around the headland there was plenty to occupy my attention. Five or six pelicans right in front of me were putting on a not quite Esther Williams routine. Chickens walked the walk. The water was gorgeous.

And what a wonderful clean up Mario did while working for the bomb guys (this group does not like to be called the bomb guys but I call 'em like I see 'em). I love that instead of just sitting watching equipment, he gathered up his own equipment and beautified the area. Now, let's keep it beautiful!

Imagination station

Zinc boat (yes, these were used - and still are for fun races)

Dinner with friends at Dinghy Dock is always a treat, for the belly and the heart. Thanks, David and Debbie, thanks Chef! thanks, Ben...awesome server as always.

I've never seen this dish done and not be wowsome. And perfectly cooked too.

The other day was World Down Syndrome Day. Paul posted a wonderful video which led me back to another video. If you need some smile miles, here you go!

And here is the Pharrell Williams original

Go ahead and get off your seat and play these while you watch. Dance! Get happy!

And because I'm in a video sharing mood (I could stretch this out over a few days, but why?), here's some dessert. Thanks, David A who shared it and David A who made it!

Have a warm-hearted Wednesday. Do something watercolored. 


  1. Happy Happy Happy! Contagious. And yes, it IS a wonderful world. Mostly.

    1. Focusing on the happy gets us through the mostly. Or it does me at least!