Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ A Special Vardo

I saw this the other day and while I've seen photos of a lot of really lovely vardos or gypsy wagons if you will, both old and new, there is something about this one that stands out, at least for me. I think it is the light. And the design. It is only 8 feet by 20, a mere 160 square feet, but it feels, visually, much larger.

 All photos and info sourced from Inhabitat
You can find a lot more information about this vardo there.

Built over 2 years of mostly recycled materials, this combination of tradition and contemporary imagination was a dream made into reality, at a hard cash cost of about 8000.00, and it is mobile. But why go anywhere else? This looks pretty perfect to me, especially with a wood burning stove to keep it cozy in the seriously cold seasons. Or hop on a plane to someplace warmer...

There is an A frame outhouse with a composting toilet, just in case you're wondering.

Lots of storage here

Where's the soup pot?

What a difference a beautifully designed curve makes. And that window! Yep, that's a nautical touch that serves a purpose.

While lofts in many tiny homes can look inviting and some are designed with smart head room, even stand up head room, I like the idea of everything on the same level, especially when it is done like this, on a platform. A beautiful platform. 120 square feet? Really?

Vardos must be in the air because today the Tiny House Blog also features a number of photos of them, if you like that sort of thing. I do.

I think it would be a very good place to read this book, Wild Delicate Seconds by Charles Finn, who has also built some charming, fun tiny homes.

Have a touch this thought Tuesday. Do something tangible.

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