Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ Ivan's White Bay Campground & Stress Free Bar

I've known Ivan for close to 20 years and while I don't get to Jost Van Dyke often enough, time with Ivan is one thing I make sure I have when I am there. There were no cabins when I first met him, only a basic campground and the bar...as unique a bar as Ivan himself.

Ivan 2009. We were shimming in a corner post on one of the cabins.
All the rest of these photos are taken from the website for the campground and bar, photographer unknown. Somewhere I have a LOT of other photos of this place but their location is a mystery for now.

Every year a little more decoration gets added but I don't think anything's been taken away.
While this is a campground and the interiors are pretty much basic - roof, walls, bed, table and a tiny fridge - the cabins could be quite a lot more, so the idea is inspiration here more than anything. Plus, I just like thinking about the place.

The cabins have been built one at a time over the years.

You can check out Jost and Ivan's for yourself. While Jost can be really crowded at times, there are also sleepy times of the year. Depending on your energy level, you can choose the time that suits your style. Sitting around playing music can be just about anyone, from an anonymous tourist to a celebrity musician. No one announces it, it just happens...like a lot of things on tiny islands.

I keep saying every year 'gotta get back to Jost'. Hopefully this will be the year I do that. In a sleepy time.

Have a teeming with tininess Tuesday. Do something tri-colored.