Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cold on Culebra

The achoo! sniffle have tissues nearby sort, not the temperature - though I've been cold here plenty of times - yep, I'm a weather wussy and proud of it. While well on its way out today, enough germs linger to have me stay close to home(s), except today, the sun is shining from the start, blinding me at the moment as if it is closer than it should be.

A perfect cold, like a perfect storm, is a combination of things, most of them not so good but somewhat fascinating nonetheless. With a perfect cold, the weather should come in a matching outfit, bleary, smeary and not nice at all.

Only a little blue was left in the sky as I went to feed my own critters. Perfect. I think my own cat and the housesitting cat felt a little sorry for me, cuddling close, which in a perfect cold is a must ingredient.

Water spouts formed. Not enough to suck the perfect cold from me, but it was imaginable.

Did I mention towering thunderheads? See the lower thunderheads? Then there were these massive monsters. Surely the sky would open up like a whacked melon.
It didn't. There did arise a wind that literally blew over one of the chairs on the deck (mild drama being another prerequisite for the perfect cold). About 2,852 raindrops fell, swooped enough by the wind to have to shut the door. Thirty minutes later it happened again. By then, I'd decided that the only thing needed now was soup. And I just happened to have some.

This was frozen, leftover homemade soup that I just keep adding to each time I feel the need for coddling myself. Because I also don't know how to make soup for one person, it never actually quite goes away. This time I added some marinaded tofu, some jalepeno and some potatoes. It already had squash in it; but I have some potatoes, so it got potatoes. It just gets better and better.

I like to eat soup out of a mug. Probably because I am a messy eater, usually with a book in one hand. Or one lapside. Mugs are steady and sturdy and if necessary, a spoon isn't really needed. Try that with a bowl. No, don't. So two mugs of soup later, I felt the momentary goodness soup gives and then climbed back into bed. I'm sure there was a sunset somewhere, but with a perfect cold, you don't really care.

And now today I can breathe through my nose. The sun is warming my legs. The soup is back in the freezer. And life is good. But I still wish it would rain...

Have a seasonal Saturday. Do something saturating.


  1. Don't know if what you've got is the same kind of cold we've been having hereabouts (SW corner of Oregon), but Beware! - after the 'usual' run of 7 or 8 days (and you think it's over), it comes roaring back again - in spades - and usually settles in the lower sinuses.

    Looks like great soup - I have the same recipe!

    Get well.

    1. Friends have had that one, I'm hoping I've got 'cold lite' here. Fingers crossed. Yes, it's a great recipe (my brother and I call it Back of the F$%^&*(in Fridge Soup).