Sunday, March 9, 2014

Simple Sunday ~ Art Stroud

 photo credits: Matt Thornton
Tragedy. A word.
Humble. Kind. Ocean passion.
She stole a lot, drunk.

photo credit: Robin Peterson
Beach naming paddle out for Art credit: M.T

In memory of Art Stroud, an old neighborhood and school mate I'd not seen in decades, but easily remembered by his smile. Reading tributes from so many, time had honed him in the best ways; a life lived simply - surfing, fishing, music, working, sharing his passions and quietly changing lives just living his own,  sharing his knowledge with a smile and his time. Coming back from the beach, his life was ended by a many times cited drunk driver, who was also killed. Rest in peace, Art.


  1. i clicked on his name and read dozens of personal tributes about this guy and he was universally respected and liked.........we was religious but VERY spiritual about it in that he just treated everyone respectfully and helped those he could.......seems his father died tragically also , some years ago but i never did find out more about that...maybe you know about that................the memorial service is tomorrow(tues), i believe, and sat. fellow surfers participated in a "paddle out" at his favorite surf spot and they all held hands while sitting on their boards tossing carnations into the middle......a good friend paddled out on ART'S board.........they also named that beach for him, ART STROUD BEACH ... i found his obituary and read more nice comments and left one myself.......FLORIDA TODAY is where the obituary is.......amazing that they didn't find his body until 2 days later.......that seems inexcusable to me..................

    1. One amazingly constant voice in tributes to him, a quiet man, leading a quiet life, influencing so many with such huge positiveness. Something to think about...
      And yes, the tragedy compounded by the length of time in finding him. I don't even have words for that.