Friday, March 14, 2014

Free Range Friday ~ Spaghetti Squash

Because I was with my friend Tina and having way big fun cooking and chatting, I forgot to take some prep photos, but you're not missing much, a squash is a squash is a squash. If you don't know about spaghetti squash though, you should; it's a winner. I hadn't had one since I used to grow my own about 35 years ago, so I hoped it would be as good as my memories was!

The not so noble looking but very full of surprise spaghetti squash photo credit - unknown

After cooking photo credit unknown   
I cut the squash in half and scraped out the seeds. With more casual time, I'd have roasted the seeds because I love sunflower and pumpkin seeds and these would be just as good. Next time.

Onions and garlic got minced and sauteed in olive oil and put into the scooped out squash. On to a cookie sheet and into the oven, around 325 (this oven where I'm house sitting has no numbers on it so I was winging it, adjusting until it felt hot enough) for about an hour. Or until you can literally stick a fork in it easily.

In the meantime, remember that churrasco I made? That got all sliced up and heated in some olive oil. The marinade had plenty of flavor so there wasn't much to do there. When the squash was ready, I took a fork and scraped it out, the onions and garlic were mixed in, then the churrasco. A salad on the side and wa la! Dinner delicious!

Tina gives it the a-okay!
Because Tina stayed over for a girl time sleepover, I wanted to make a real breakfast. Why not use the leftovers? So I did.

Heat up the squash and churrasco mix, whisk up some eggs, and it's omelet time. I added some jalepenos and topped it with grated parmesan cheese. Dinner leftovers recreated into breakfast, along with some ginger tea. That worked.

I tried to find another spaghetti squash in the market this week but no joy. I'm ready to do more with another one, and I will. 

Have a feasting Friday! Do something farfetched.


  1. art all day for me - picture of a girl 'shooter' w her cam, at STS-135. is that farfetched? hmmmmm….

    1. Enjoy Artday Friday! Farfetching maybe?

  2. What do you mean - next time on the seeds? Roast them some other time. I get all the smush off, pat them dry and throw them in the fridge until (a) I have more for a big batch, or (b) get around to it. You really didn't throw them away, did you? :-0

    1. I know, shoot me, I didn't even throw them in the compost (I was up housesitting and forgot). Maybe some will grow at the dump. I'm blaming it on the cooking wine.