Monday, March 10, 2014

Culebra Glass & Serendipity Too

The last couple of mornings have started out still, bays and sea glassy calm and beautiful.

Then the wind picks up slightly, ruffling the water, stirring the trees, cooling the air. Still beautiful.

I thought yesterday was going to be a photo bonanza, taking friends around to the different beaches for show and tell, but we seemed to be carrying a rain cloud with us, a picnic cut short by rain, more rain and more heavy rain. Then the sun would shine. Tina did get some good shots anyway.

Tina and Mark at Zoni

I never get out to Punta Soldado - it's good to have visitors!

One of the crew (Mark) bailed out after 3 beaches and 3 rain showers, so Tina and I repaired to Dinghy Dock to assess our next move. That's when Paul asked us if we wanted to go listen to whale songs. Who says no to that? So we didn't. But...I'd left my camera behind. Ooooops! Luckily, Tina had hers, so we switched off using it. No whale sightings. Lots of beauty.

Heading out

Grey hair-o-rama-dama!

Calm seas


The ultra light was out and about

Tina, keeping an eye out

Capt. Whale Whisperer
Unlike the other day, the water was flat and there was little to no breeze. No drogue needed, we just barely drifted once we were in place. The whales sang. Not as loudly as before, but there and beautiful. It was a calm adventure until we saw what looked like a turtle, dragging a styrofoam buoy. Up would come the head, then down. It was rescue time. 

Paul was sure his two guests were going to a) jump in the water and not be able to get back in the dinghy and b) stab his inflatable with the pocket knife we had at the ready in case this was a net situation. That was funny - not to him but, hey we were laughing. It wasn't nearly as funny as when the turtle head turned out to be another, smaller buoy. I'm not sure what was going on, but first, there should be no fish pots out there and second...I didn't cut the line. Thinking back on it later, I should have. In Florida, that's a good way to get your ass shot...I guess my old ways were in high gear.

After that, we headed back in and then home again home again. With such serendipity already in our heart pocket, why push the envelope? Salt and sea works up a hunger and it was time to get back to where a delicious dinner was waiting to be made. That's a different story, but if spaghetti squash, sauteed onions and garlic with churrasco make your mouth water, you'll be ready on Friday.

Just another glorious day in Paradox.

Have a melt in your mouth Monday. Do something magic making.


  1. Cool. I will never forget hearing whale songs underwater while scuba diving at Culebra. It was amazing.

    1. That would be seriously amaaaaaaaaaazing!