Monday, March 17, 2014

Culebra Here and There

Serediptous rock find. Full moon. St. Patrick's Day Fun. Beach morning. That's about as much excitement as my weekend held, which is about as much as I want.

This is my favorite of the quartz I found
From looking online, it seems like it could be citrine, which is supposed to be pretty rare in Nature. Apparently most citrine used in jewelry is man-made, by heating up quartz to get the color. Regardless of all that, it was just very cool to find yellow quartz at the edge of my own yard. Never stop looking at what you think you've already seen!

I was heading out to my friends boat when I heard the music. The St. Patrick's Day fundraiser was just getting started. It was one of those smack my forehead moments as I had mentally put it on my calendar for today. But at least I got some of the good parts!

Being early doesn't mean the party hasn't started yet
All sorts of wonderful food. The pig hadn't arrived yet but we were told it was on its way
One of a lot of helpers makin' it happen!
After getting some photos needed to send to a sailmaker, we came in, hoping there would still be some lechon left. The music was still playing but...the celebration was GONE. I mean totally gone, the circus had packed up and left. Except for the dj's and they were packing up too. I've never seen anything so on time and over so fast here. I think I'm still in shock. 

We haven't quite gotten to the stage of the St. Patrick's Day parade on St. Croix, but they are about 15 years ahead of us on that one. This is my friend Michael, who rides his motorcycle and helps keep order during the craziness. There's an official name but I forget what it is. photo credit - Stephanie Shoyer

Moonlight on the bay. Isn't that a song? It sung to me.
The sky made so many magic moments all weekend long
This morning, even though it's not officially the weekend - we stretch time here - Flamenco was its calming self. Yesterday I was told by Jeff (he's out there doing the stand up paddleboard thing or on his slick outrigger long before most people are hitting their first cup of coffee) that the swells were double digit big; I was hoping they still were. Maybe so, but not where I was looking. No could there be?

To the woman who reads this in Minnesota? This is for you!

Have a microclimatic Monday. Do something  moonlit.


  1. We got there just as the second pan of pig arrived. PR lechon, they know how to do it. Great event!

    1. So glad you got some!! I talked to Pat and Gary, they told me it all went really fast. Your lucky moment!

  2. Replies
    1. Not sure for what but, you are most certainly welcome!

    2. For the picture of Flaminco and for thinking of me!

    3. Ah! Wonderful, and I'm glad you liked it.