Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Birthdays on Culebra

Oh those wacky kids. Keeping up with a 51 year old is an exercise in fun exhaustion, frisky as a puppy and won't go down for naps either. But I managed and along the way ran into my favorite just turned sweet 16 (ok, ok) heart embraced one.

Happy birthday, Helena! with your very proud Papa
During a yard walkabout here, we found the yard full of beauty. But two things in particular stood out.

Breakfast settled, it was time for a beachwalk. The other birthday girl chose Flamenco. So did a whole lot of other people.

We love dribble castles! Thanks, castle creator, whoever you were.

The folks making a commercial were here too. Some of our locals were also in the commercial but we didn't stay around for the actual filming. 

I'm not sure what was going on with this guy but he looked very relaxed while having one arm and a floatation device at the ready for any rogue wave that might come along.

So do we!

Home to relax for awhile and get freshened up for an evening out (about the time I usually am heading home if I am out) at Zaco's Taco's. We met up with some cruisers who knew Tina and Mark from out on the seas and their expectations were high. Zaco's delivered on all counts, from awesome servers, a great bartender and that guy in the kitchen cooking? He should be promoted. Nice work! Empty plates! And thanks for the treat.

Terrible quality but I love this photo!

Cruisers and land person

At Dinghy Dock for a ritual Greg flower
Culebra showed herself well but all good things must blend to an end. Finally it was time for home and bed and sleep and dreams. Good ones. If I behave myself, I might be ready to do this again next year. Happy birthday, Tina, I'm real glad you reached 51! Now go have a beautiful year.

Have a tailor made Thursday. Do something tantalizing.


  1. Excellent post, MJ. Wishing I were there. Well, I guess that's pretty much a steady state with me.

    1. Thanks, Chris. Enjoy your Spring (if it ever show...never mind)!