Monday, March 24, 2014

A Coterie, a Collection, a Bevy of Bodies in a Bunch

Sort of but not really, I was just channeling the whimsicalness of a Monday morning being awakened into by someone on holiday. That first second of mental listmaking, only to throw it lazily but swiftly out the window and kiss your pillow again.

View from a hill

Through a series of serendipitous and silly text errors, I finally got to see Monique and Annie. If slipping down the slope of mistaken memory includes outcomes like this, bring it on!

There is a herd of really beautiful horses wandering my neighborhood, with a new baby included. They split up and then regather on and off all day, I see them in a lot of places. If you are on Culebra, you'll probably see them too.

The little one had a frisky moment. Wouldn't this be a much better photo if there wasn't trash in it? Our guys are working hard this year to keep the roadsides weedwhacked and clear, but it's up to the rest of us to put our trash where it belongs. Keeping Culebra beautiful includes you.
Because I didn't have Free Range Friday last week (and obviously there is a reason for that and this is it), I'm sharing a wonderful treat I was gifted with yesterday by some friends who visit yearly. They always surprise me with something fun and this year was no differently different.

This came in a food storage container looking just like this, but I put it on a plate because it deserved a bit of ceremony.

Debbie woke up yesterday morning and told David that she dreamed he made her a banana crepe with walnuts and fruit.

He replied, you dreamed that? And then he made it for her. On Culebra. Just like that. I've asked him for the recipe but haven't gotten it yet (maybe asking at 6:30 in the morning has something to do with that), but when I get it, I'll share it. He kindly made one for me too, even though I'd never have a dream like that in my life. At least not this life. It was delicate with subtle flavors, just like a crepe should be. And a good reminder that I really am the luckiest woman in the world.

Edited to add David's reply: Glad you enjoyed the crepe. The filling was cream cheese, cinnamon, toasted walnuts and ripe banana. I can't take credit for the syrup, it was Jim Beam pancake syrup. I found it at Milka's, never heard of it before. Nice flavor.  I love making crepes, so much fun. I make them savory, also. When we are able to get lobsters, I fill the crepes with lobster salad for beach lunch. Yummy!

There was only the lightest touch of syrup. That worked.

Knowing couples married 30+ years and still having great fun together is always a soul lifter for me, and I know more than a few of them.  Unusual, but not as rare as a Bigfoot sighting and a lot more enjoyable. p.s. They also brought me smoked hamhocks. I am elated, with visions of soup dancing in my head. I wonder if TSA is wondering why people are bringing hamhocks to Culebra...

Have a magnificent Monday. Do something magnanimous.


  1. Very nice. Thank you!

    1. Igual, mi amigo y amiga! I edited to add your recipe, thanks mucho!

    2. I write recipes like Elizabeth David, a little of this, a pinch of that. If you love cooking you'll know how much.

    3. She's wonderful! Back when I was writing for Caribbean Travel & Life I wanted to do a cookbook of Caribbean cooks. Not chefs, not restaurant, but the beautiful cooks we meet along the way. I got as far as one in the magazine and then they switched editors and the next one wasn't into it. But I did get Alex and her banana salad. I wrote it just as she spoke it (without trying for dialect, I'd never do it justice for one thing. She was from Dominica and it would have been awesome taped, but...I did the best I could...because that's how the best cooks I know cook, they love the food, love what they know the result should and can be and work toward it. It's impossible to write measurements based on taste and food love.