Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Timy Home Tuesday ~ Escape!

By now, anyone interested in tiny or small homes is familiar with the trailerable tiny home. Some designs are better than others, but they all have about the same idea, a basic living space with a loft for a sleeping space and storage. And then there is Escape where there is something real different going on. In fact, I had to read it to even know it was on wheels and read more to believe it. But it is and it's true. Amazing.

All photos are from the Escape website.

This is on wheels? Really? Really.

The bathroom area is not enclosed, but it could be easily done

There is such a good feel in here, much more like a cabin.

The porch comes on the pricier versions

I'm imagining water outside that window, but a forest isn't bad either

Full size appliances are a plus

The light! The light!

Yes. On wheels.
This, not surprisingly, doesn't come cheap. The basic version is 79,000, which is still in the sane price range, going up to 124,900 for the Limited version. The big shining the light aspect to me is new thinking, way outside the box of moveable small homes. If you have the skills, or wanted to learn them, the idea would be do-able for less, without doubt, especially if it wasn't on a trailer. Considering repurposed windows, doors, solar, well, there are plenty of ways to change it up to your own creation.

Of course, having wheels does have its benefits. This is just one of the Q & A's from the FAQ on the Escape website

"What about property taxes? By law, ESCAPE is a Park Model RV and therefore is not subject to property tax. You simply buy a tag from the DMV every year. If ESCAPE is a modular home in your area using a permanent foundation then it becomes real property and subject to taxation."

There is a lot more information on the website as well if you are interested. Having watched the whole idea of tiny homes grow from not much at all going on less than ten years ago to it being a recognized movement, I'm just super impressed with this build, as it is a quantum leap in a big new direction. 

Have a trailer this! Tuesday. Do something transcending.


  1. What a beauty! I'm like you, I see water. Full size appliances? That refer is 2X plus size. My niece has one of those. The bottom is a freezer drawer which is so nice and convenient. You look down on your frozen goods instead of on your knees pulling things out searching.

    1. I just kept thinking...how much power does that thing draw? ;)