Monday, April 14, 2014

Scramble for a Ramble

Since my computer is doing the 'It's my system and I'll work if I want to' dance, I'm posting this as fast as I can. These are some random photos from around and about.

Let the chips fly where they may, there is work to be done! I love that this was being done by hand

Later in the day I saw why it was being done. Readying for the roof!

If these were over water, they would be water spouts. Over land, I guess they are just cloud sprites

And cloud surf

The wind has been high but yesterday afternoon was perfect for a good sail.

More incoming

Good chance you'll be using an anchor at Dakity, as the mooring balls must be getting close to all being used.

Last night's moon. Don't forget the eclipse in the wee hours tomorrow morning! It will start around 2 a.m. EDT, which at this time of year is the same as our Atlantic time.

So far, about 10 mangoes are hanging on to my mango tree, a first!

I'm guessing a hermit crab left this in the yard for bigger digs.

I've never seen this mango tree in my neighborhood bloom so heavily. The fragrance is intoxicating.

I've posted photos of this plant (well, not THIS one, but one of its cousins) a few times but it's a captivating sight, ungainly and awkward and then, here is a bloom cluster full of beauty and wonder.
I'll save the other photos for later...I'm losing control of the situation here.

Have a (non)manic mac Monday. Do something mellow.

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