Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Walk in the Park

Ochlockonee River State Park isn't Florida's biggest, but it a good one. Next time, I'd pick another site, though if parked right, and I am, I look into the woods and I know the river isn't far. That's good enough for me. This time.

Come in!
Right now, my backyard is a state park that I'm getting to know, as long as I don't touch. And with daytime temperatures around 60, the one thing I'm allowed to touch, the water, will remain pristine from me. That's that.

First (and yesterday, I bet only) footprints on the beach. Fishing canoe guy out there too

If you look closely, you can see the red headed woodpecker. Except JUST at that second he turned his head and then flew far, far away.  Known to also be here are the red cockaded woodpeckers, but in looking at ID photos, I don't think this one is that. He made one exploratory thunk and flew away; this time it wasn't me! Today I'm going to check out a trail that might show me what a red cockaded woodpecker really looks like. 

After I read this, I didn't do it anymore. Promise.

Squirrel take out trash

Erosion? Low water? I have to ask.

This tree was such an ethereal green. But it is growing in a really swampy area so I couldn't get close enough to see what was really growing on it...algae? Moss? Weird leaves? I'll never know.
 At this point the path started diverging from the river - I guess they didn't want to build walkways over the swamped spots - and I had to decide whether to keep going. I did, for awhile, and it turned out to be a good thing.

Alert, not afraid. And pretty skinny for having winter ahead.
 There was a boat launch, lined in stone, a few benches, a grill and this sign. Just in case.

I turned back and we walked parallel for awhile, she in the brush, me on the path. In not long she slipped into deeper brush, silent, invisible, gone.

Longleaf pine trunk

Rustic bench along the way. Why yes, I don't mind if I do sit a spell. Easier to drink my wine.

On the way back, I could hear the family that moved onto one of the handicapped sites. Oh, wait, interruption time.

By the way, if you are in a chair? This is the most friendly park I've seen for them. The handicapped site is completely concreted, with concrete walkways. It is right next to one of the shower/bath rooms and all super accessible. The roads are sandy with some roots, but navigable and even the paths, with the right sort of chair, would be a pretty simple thing. Just so you know.
Ok, so these people have a popup camper, a huge packed truck, noisy kids and a huge German Shepard. That's all I note when I'm heading out. On the way back, the dog is now in this huge, very open cage (his name is Max). The pop up is popped up and a tent is also being set up by the man and the kids, maybe three of them. I heard him say, as the kids were not stepping lively enough "This is not PLAY, this is WORK!" And thanked my universe that my Dad wasn't like that. But what really caught my eye was this kid. All the rest of the family was in jeans and t's and jackets. Not him. I'm dying to find out the story but the Dad scared me so maybe I'll casually cruise by today. Maybe there will be sartorial splendor.

I took this without permission, because who would believe it? All I could think of, full blown in my head, was this song.

The sun is shining for the first time since I got here. The river should be beautiful! It is still cold but it is beautiful. Time to pile on some clothes and check it out.

Out my front door.
Have a without equal Wednesday. Do something well-dressed.


  1. Nice. As a child I use to eat the pine nuts out of pine cones I'd find. Yum!! Now I pay like $$, way too much, to buy them to cook with. That green tree looks like something that should be in a Tim Burton movie.

  2. Just looked up on Google Maps where you are. Beautiful country, not far from Apalachacola (sp) and great oysters!!