Saturday, November 29, 2014

So Long, Ochlockonee River State Park, Hello Road

Except for one really, really loud group having a majorly fun Thanksgiving evening, the Park was pretty quiet yesterday. In the morning, I took a drive to Carrabelle, with a need to see a large body of water. I think the Gulf of Mexico qualifies. A few other walks, and then it was tuck in and stay warm time. Right now it is 33 degrees. That's one degree above freezing in case you've forgotten. It's freaking cold. The sun is creaking up over the horizon and that will help. Some.

Here is a round up of the last couple of days.

I didn't know that!

My plan of walking the Flat Pine Trail was foiled by a lack of waterproof boots

But wait! I can walk this!

Perfect and no one about but me and hopefully, the red cockaded woodpecker

A woodpecker but not the one I was looking for

The nicest ports-potty set up I've ever seen

A susurration of birds!!! I don't know what kind they were but it was an amazing sight. And then poof! They were gone.

A great fire pit in the (empty) youth camping area

Hmmm. That's interesting. What is it?

The most fun outdoor shower I've ever seen!

Half a canoe, some PVC, a shower head and a water source. Easy peasy.

In the midst of thousands of long leaf pines a little stand of wonky trees

Sun makes everything more beautiful

They do a lot of controlled burns here and it works

Another 'I don't know what this is but it sure is bright and beautiful' plants

A little info about cat claw's and tapping longleaf pines. 

I saw an intriguing path but realized it would take me back to the muddy start so kept along the road path, ending up back at the place I'd seen the deer the day before.

Sunlit nature art

A resting butterfly

I never saw the raccoon.

Silver Strand Beach


Not sure why the erosion, but it's pretty significant

Designed by the Mother

These might be bobcat prints. I never saw one of these either.

I did see another white squirrel though!

A skunk in the family tree?
On Thanksgiving I needed to see bluer, bigger water so I headed toward the little town of Carrabelle. Sometimes, it would be nicer to be a passenger. Seeing that water I wanted to drive right off the road to it.

So I did.

I first thought these huge butterflies were little birds

A heron happening

I'm pretty sure that is Carrabelle. I wasn't there long, but I'd go back again to explore.
Back in the park, these people had come in, along with a few others. This is the smallest teardrop trailer I've ever seen.

One more walk before bidding this place adieu.

She saw me before I saw her, almost right beside me, a few steps off the path.

We played peek a boo a few times with this tree

I hadn't seen the canoe guy in a couple of days, but there he was, in magic light time.

This Mercedes motorhome had pulled in right across from my site. 

Last sunset from here.
Waking up to 33 degrees, it was time to hit the road and head north. After a good drive, without too many other cars on the blue highways and no stops really worth noting, I arrived in Niceville, the home of my old friend Robin and her family. Let the games begin. Again.

Me and Robin dancing and singing (We thought wearing furs was appropriate)

to our favorite Joni Mitchell songs. After 40+ years, we know all the words. 
Have a snazzy smooth Saturday. Do something spry and sprightly.


  1. Too bad you could not make it over to Dog Island, 2 miles off the coast of Carabelle. 7miles long and a mile wide at its widest point. Only accessible by small plane or boat. No commercial facilities on the island except the 8 unit Pelican Inn. Plus only 14 full time residents. Best shelling in the state of Florida. Can you tell I love Dog Island???

    1. It sounds wonderful. I never even heard of it and looking it up, I still don't know much about it. But there is a place to stay there...I'm going to call and see what's the what. It looks like it might be a real interesting drive back down Florida, thanks! I hope.