Sunday, November 2, 2014

Not So Simple Sunday

Education, it's a beautiful thing! Today's weather here in Highlands Hammock State park has this advisory with it...

Lake Wind Advisory in effect from 8 am this morning to 8 PM EDT this evening...

Really? It is 59 degrees out (because I didn't get this out yesterday, I'll let you in on the temperature right now...37. I'm in bed fully dressed with everything warm and two blankets now). I love my new blankie, yes I do. And no bears came around Tortuga last night, though I did hear a woman briefly scream. Then her partner yelled ARE YOU OKAY? Yes, she yelled back. RACCOON? he yelled. Yes, she said. 

It was really foggy the morning we started out for Melbourne to pick up the Turtle, making for a surreal view to the east.

We made it to Mike's, he had the title. We made it to the DMV, where an angel in girl form made going through filling out paperwork and giving her money seem like the very least I could do in return for her kindness and great personality...and not making me take a number. And then we made it to Jerry's, who had been working on the Turtle and keeping it for me until my arrival. I arrived.

Jerry wasn't there, but I was ready to go. Now.

Jerry still wasn't there. Mike and I posed for photos.

Jerry still wasn't there, I start examining flaws. 

Not bad at first glance. 

Even at second and third, not too bad, just things that need to be tended to on a 28 year old vehicle.

Getting to the Where the hell is Jerry stage?

Jerry finally shows up. He tightens some bolts. And away I drive, with my brother in front of me.

This is a park in Lorida, Florida. I'm told the proper way to say Lorida is Lor-ee-dah.

Down a sandy road, with a few potholes, I very carefully drove in to some friends of my bro's. Close tucked near the house let me plug in, as I'm still dependent on that for now. 
 It was obvious that what was needed was an RV guru and between some advice and following instincts, Jonny and I ended up here, at the Camper Corral. With Robert and his whole famdamly. He knows RV's, though most of the ones around his lot are huge and very shiny, he took a lot of time with me and mine. I learned a lot of 'what is that?' and 'why is that?', and learned about some things that need fixing. Things that if they aren't fixed will not allow me to drive by bathrooms much. Important things. I really like Robert.

On Monday, I will go back to Robert's for things to be fixed and to learn more. Jonny will leave today. Since we needed a place to camp and I didn't want to drive back down the potholed road, we are in Highland Hammock campground. It's not bad here and I've learned a lot about - if I have to be in a campground, there are lots better ways to choose a site than the way I did...because it's pretty. Those tree things just don't move to make my life easier! No, I didn't hit one, but I did have my bro do the backing up part.

Lesson: look at trees before choosing sites.

This is

After an incredibly long day, Jonny treated me to a Red Lobster dinner. Except for that server you can see in back of us, who was the most annoying server in life and thankfully not ours, everything else was surprisingly very good.

I got the endless shrimp...scampi, garlic and siracha. For me, endless meant one more round of the garlic shrimp, because how crazy not to?  
 Back to the park. The sun was going down and it was time to head for the horizontal mode.

The start of something very good. Except it is very cold. I'll be super happy to learn how to use the furnace and get the water going on. For now, two stove burners just took the chill off the space and my toes are full of feeling again. For which they are happy.

I've been singing the Happy song a lot. Because it's true and I am. Jonny keeps asking me what I'll do after everything is fixed on Monday. I respond, everything won't be fixed, it's like a boat and I'm sure it will keep having needs. I know what he means though and I don't have an answer yet. So you Fla folk, if you get a call from me, it means I'll be there sooner than later!

Today is the end of the celebration of the Day of the Dead. I've celebrated all my dead loved ones and won't stop as they accompany me on new journeys. That's a comfort. Love always is.

Have a stay simple as Sunday Sunday. Do something satis-sighing.


  1. So looking forward to tales of your new adventures. Have followed your life on Culebra, an island we love, but this type of traveling is just up our alley. Safe travels!

    1. It's all an adventure! I carry a lot of Culebra with me and can't help but make comparisons. It's early days yet, but the games have begun!

  2. Happy trails!! Careful with those stove burners, CO, don't want you to take the long sleep. If the rv doesn't have one, invest in a smoke/Carbon monoxide detector. You'll get the hang of it very soon. :)))

    1. I got a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector today, going to let the rv guys install them as there are all sorts of do's and don't about where to put them and it's not a real big space. Though I love the color purple, it does not look good on my face. ;)