Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sorting Through Takes Time to Do

Getting all the components in place to do simple things isn't always simple. Here in Lake Panasoffkee, it is sort of like getting the Turtle going all over again. Water, electric, those most basic elements we in this first world country take so for granted, run in various life circles around the home being rehabbed here. Which means my connections to same run right behind them.

It is interesting to me to see the layers of life in electrical and water systems. Thoughts of who built this home, or had it built, that proud day of walking in the door and feeling home. And then, who came next and added on this bit or that (as in, why the hell did they do THAT?).

While that work goes on, I play in the yard, dragging ancient and killing Spanish moss from an orange tree or taming back some wild vines. That doesn't last long and that's why there are comfortable camp chairs. And errands. And how we've learned the phrase "Oh, you have to go to Bushnell for that. Or Ocala. Or Leesburg." Pretty much anyplace but here. But surprise! That's okay. It's pretty here, the neighbors are good ones. Driving to get to places for things not nearby isn't anything different than Culebra. Uh...except you can drive there.

Some leftover visual memories of Lithia Springs Park. It was a good place to stay for a few days of re-grouping and if you are in the area in need of an overnight or more stay, check it out.

I loved these two trunks of the same tree. One old and gnarled and the other in mid-life. Yes, the lessons are clear and obvious. And beautiful too.

This couple were experts at getting settled in a relatively small space with a very large RV. I figure they were boaters too. I never saw the dogs again after this brief glance as they oversaw the parking procedure. 

Not far from my site, this large clam shell sat by a little mushroom. Where were the clams from??? I forgot to ask. But clamming was a large part of my growing up and I'm determined to find some.

Between the Turtle and the river was a swarth, sometimes narrow, sometimes wider, of old Florida. Yet right there, through the jungle, was my little home and a sort of civilization. It was a great place for walks.

Local decoration

There was just something about this truck. The year of it, the canoe, the life jackets. It all just felt like an older, gentler time.

This is another campsite along the road mine was on. Lots of them just have woods next to them. This is site 31, in case you are interested. 

An old Airstream. A BIG old Airstream.
 But it was time to scoot down the road and see Francie and Jack.  So I did.

A ramshackle collection of boathouses

Morning brings lots of fisher folk around. Some of them are avian. 

I ruined a couple of breakfasts


Anhinga, Snake Bird. Water Turkey. Call it what you will, these are such strange birds. I've seen them all of my life and they never seem less prehistoric to me. 

However, do not call anhingas cormorants (even though I've made that mistake for years), they are two different birds. Two weird birds very much alike but not the same. 

And that's that. In the quiet, I hear a train passing through, far away enough to sound nostalgic rather than annoying. Later this morning I'll work some more on my fresh water tank. It's not really much use with a leak in it. But that's why there's hot glue to fix it! Or so I'm told. After a little session with it yesterday, I'm convinced that hot glue is a sibling of 5200. If I look at it, it will end up in from the top of my head to my feet. Unlike 5200, it comes off real easily, silky spun diamond threads to be plucked.

Have a wrapped widely Wednesday. Do something wonky.


  1. A houseboat is a RV on the water. Same infrastructure, fresh water tank. Black water tank, plastic pipes etc etc...Went to our boat Friday for a weekend of reading and relaxing. Woke up Saturday morning to wet carpet in the bedroom. Both hot and cold water lines for shower were leaking, inside the wall. Why?? But, hours later after 2 trips to Lowes (hour round trip each time) lots of cussing a little bleeding, no more leaks, at least for now. It doesn't matter where you are, you take beautiful photos. Looks like you are having a wonderful adventure!

    1. Tis true, all. I *almost* got all of the leak but think I have to do what I didn't want to do, take the whole thing out and get that ONE little smudge that I missed. BUT!!! I got a hot shower tonight (with the water I put in to test it), first one in the Turtle and oh my glorious!

  2. I love your photography, especially the ones on the water. I like how you said, "I hear a train passing through, far away enough to sound nostalgic rather than annoying." because it is exactly the description of how I feel.

    1. Polly, I'll be there next year sometime. We'll play on my land houseboat yacht ;) I've listened to a LOT of trains in various places...glad you got it.