Monday, November 17, 2014

Gone to the Birds

I could sit at the lake for a long time watching the birds. Really, I don't sit at all. There are water moccasins and gators at the lake and I'm not as fast to get off my butt as I once was, though I'm sure alacrity would be mine should the gator or snake face arise. I'll just stand, thank you.

Today I talked to a man who had just caught a large catfish. We discussed cooking methods (fried). Later, he was tossing a rake tied to a rope into the lake to get weed out. "Helps with the fishing," he said.

Back on the critter front, I've only seen bird faces and I'm not unthankful for that. A glorious hawk was the first bird I saw on this trip, so far off that I wasn't sure it was a bird at all. But there it was, the dessert of the afternoon, with fishing birds and humans taking on the main course. Eat dessert first. Thank you.

He didn't stick around long. What KIND of hawk? I'm pretty sure it's a red-shouldered hawk, unless someone knows differently.

And that's why they are called snake birds as well as ahingas.

I'm aHINGa of the world
This bird fascinated me in these surroundings. It was so there but really very hidden. I kept losing sight of it but then it was  so obvious. Maybe it can change color?

Ahingas on pilings.

I never quite make it all the way through magic light time, for some reason. The light gets wavery, somewhat surreal and I feel almost like I can't see properly. I don't get it. I'll be here a couple of more days - it might happen.

A very rustic boathouse. Each person in the neighborhood can have one. Some are kept up. Some aren't. 

Have a make up a messy mind Monday. Do something mouthwatering.


  1. A card-carrying Red-shouldered Hawk! The mysterious heron looks like a Tricolored Heron. Depending on the angle, they can just about vanish.

    1. It did look like a Tri-colored strange as at home they are not wading in whatever the heck is growing in this lake so the camo has never been obvious to me. It was pretty cool. Right now it's been raining for hours so I'm kind of curious what's down there right now. Not curious enough to go get wet and find out though...yet.