Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Paths on New Paths

When I wrote about the path to the river behind my site ending in somewhat of a non-navigable challenge for me, I am happy to admit - I was so wrong! And it just seemed wrong. Here was this great, well trodden path, ending in a baby cliff? It was time to try again.

And there, at the point where I thought, the first time, hmm, this is weird, it's sort of hardly a path anymore but I continued not much? It was right there! Another path. A better path. A path ending with steps made from the roots of trees, easy to step down and find - another path! A sandy edge of the river, obviously used by many before me.

New Life Lesson learned: the hardest way isn't always the best way. What a surprise.

It's a bit hard to decipher, but this is the right path. So obvious, so hidden.

Leading right to...root steps and the river!

Root steps
An easily walkable path to the right
And to the left
Next to the river, where I wanted to be

There were / are a lot more photos, but since loading these took about a half an hour, we'll all just have to wait for a place with a faster connection. I have things to do and places to see! At a very slow pace. 

Have a saturated Saturday. Do something slowly satisfying.


  1. Read and enjoyed very much

  2. Lots of purple berries like at the other park wondering what they are (and do bears like em)

    1. Beautyberries! It took awhile, but I found out what they are and they ARE edible. Whoda thunk? And what a great name.

      Check out for more into.

    2. Don't forget about the buddy system here!...I have many new paths untouched by civilization.....especially here in the Panhandle..

    3. Ack! Since I have a few buddies in the Panhandle...?