Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ochlockonee River State Park ~ Made It!

The drive started with wow! Trees flaming like fall photos you see from 'up north' interspersed between the ever greens variety. Empty two lane roads, for miles. And then the four lane roads, still backroads, nice roads. A little mist on the windshield. More cars. Big trucks. Of course it was the Wal-Mart truck who came right up to my bumper, whooshed by me and cut back in close to my front bumper who made the wind go suckforth. Every other trucker was courteous and made it not scary, just concentration focus overdrive.

So beautiful! Hello, Northern Florida.
Then came the rain. Back on two lanes. With logging trucks full. Real 'I can't see a damn thing but some white lines' make new grooves in the steering wheel rain. With no place to pull off. Until I saw a sign saying "Smoked Mullet". Oh yeah. Except I can't find the photos I took. I forgot to buy mullet, buying gumbo file powder and Gator Hammock Lethal Gator sauce instead.

Shortly after taking off again, blinding rain part II happened. This time I was more tired. It was only a bit after noon, dark as if night were minutes away and I was oh so close, but oh so frazzled. When I saw THIS sign. Oyster Bar!! It wasn't open but truthfully, I didn't care. It was a very cool place to wander and sit and pull my head back together while letting my hands relax. Poor steering wheel. I'm definitely going back here when it is open, looks like a fun place.

All open, where I hung out for a little while. Only 30 minutes to go! This stop was exactly what I needed. The Universe is good
AND oysters? Hell yeah!

Heading out again it was still pouring, but there was my turn! It was raining like mad, a logging truck on my butt and in 1000 feet, life would be very different. Lots of blinkerage, truck backs off, I turn. It's all good.

This guy was immediately on my roof, peering down into my door. He hasn't left. 

I'm a few yards to the river. Along the path, there are steps leading right down into the water. Note the canoe.

This so reminds me of movie night on Culebra. No Ernesto and sheet but close enough for a smile.

Color is really colorful in fog and grey skies

This man stopped for a chat. He is camped across from me in a tent. I love my Turtle!
It was a bit chilly in the foggy afternoon so I wasn't out long. On the way back I saw what looked like a white cat. That didn't seem right. Damned if it wasn't a white squirrel!! The photos are awful but you can at least tell it really happened.

I thought it was an albino squirrel but later, reading the park literature they give you when signing in, there is a variety of white squirrel around here. Supposedly not seen often, I count it an extra good omen.

It's walkabout time.

Have a mingle with the mode Monday. Do something mind-altering.


  1. What an adventure! Driving in the blinding rain isn't fun and is exhausting. I have hit rain storms in Ohio that caused me to WANT to stop but couldn't because the cars behind couldn't see me and might follow me to the side of the road. Scary! And Fog! I hate driving in fog for the same reason. But I love photos of fog. Yours are extraordinary!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one. And glad you like Fla fog!