Friday, November 7, 2014

Free Range Friday Food Free

Since I'm just easing into this, I haven't really gotten myself set up for big cooking, so that will be for another Friday. Today was the day I got my first little skillet, so that means eggs! I got eggs. It means a lot more too, but eggs are the biggie for now. Eggs and tuna and black beans and rice and tortillas and hot peppers and hot pickled okra and cottage cheese and bananas. And other stuff.

Right now, it is about enjoying the quiet. Mountain bike riders next to and across from me have left for the day (they were hoping I was gone too, so they could steal my spot...sorry guys, I'm back) and there is not a voice or engine to be heard. Cool enough for a tee shirt, warm enough for shorts. Some bird calls. Scrambling squirrels. Dappled sunshine in shade.


Here at Lithia Springs Park

The path going to the river behind my site

On the path

Not quite what I was expecting. There is the river, but it's a steep, untouched bank. I crept along it for a bit but decided without a rope my imagination full of rolling down the bank and landing in the river was going to work in my favor and keep me on the high side. 
 The afternoon still cool, a walk through part of the campground beckoned. Well, first the shower beckoned and it definitely delivered! High water pressure, warm water, and no one in there but me. Now for the walk.

A couple of sites near me are truly on the river with a view. That's why they are taken.

Nothing says Florida to me more than a shell road. These aren't even crushed. I love this.

Part of the river. The Alafia, in this area at least, is a jungly river and I had never heard of it, like a lot of interior Florida, this beach girl is learning a lot about the state I grew up in.

There are a LOT of picnic tables and grills and a few group areas. This one looked so serene to me. Of course it does, it's empty.

I was starting to wonder where the Springs of Lithia Springs were. There was a lot of engine noise and I figured it was park people doing something noisy, but maybe I'd ask them where the springs were. Oh. Right there.

This is one side of the springs. I guess this guy was re-doing the beach area. Like so.

Here, surrounded in fencing, is the major area of the Springs. Surrounded by concrete. With a sort of icky little beach. The water is a constant 72 degrees and the two people in there looked like they were cold. The edge of the water was warmed from the sun, but yes, I am spoiled, it just wasn't that inviting to me. The whole scene was actually a little depressing. I didn't stay long. 

I found a great little laundromat since I was down to wearing my bathing suit and that chore was done. Shoppiing was done (there is way too much stuff to look at and buy in the stores - it took forever, going at a museum pace - I could have stayed longer). Everything put away, posting this, and then time for some more exploring. Or a nap.

Have a find your footing Friday. Do something fertile.

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    No crowds time of year. Enjoy.