Friday, November 21, 2014

Free Range Friday ~ Cold Place Cooking

The last few days and nights, especially nights, have been cold here. Soup weather. Eating is either somewhat randomly put together or planned, like last night's dinner we figured out after a shopping trip. I'd make wilted leaf lettuce salad and Francie would make these pork cutlet things that neither of us had ever seen before but both bought a package. They looked fresh, didn't have junk in them and the price was good great.

Francie also made dirty rice with sausage. I'm telling you all of this because I forgot to bring my camera over to the Duck when I brought over the finished salad. The salad I also forgot to take a photo of in its prettiness. Ah well.

I did start to take photos of the process. But in using my arm a bit too much the last few days (doing some things I truly like to do, yard things), there were three oopsy moments; two dropped eggs, luckily only one of them on the floor - where I watched it roll in all its broken slimy yellow filled glory right under the table. It was sort of like watching a snail leaving a trail in your home and no way to stop it.

Worst of all, I dropped my wine glass. Which went all over the top of the table. The table covered with things. It wasn't pretty, but the glass didn't break and that was pretty...great.

I finished the salad in air seasoned with salty language and headed over to Francie's Duck, thoughts of cameras not in my head. Dinner was delicious, the pork cutlets fork cuttable, the dirty rice just dirty enough. I made way too much salad - it's the sort that does not overnight well, so offered it to the electrician guy who was finishing up for the night. He didn't like it. But his helper did! He fell in love with it and finished it off while asking for the recipe. Order restored to the universe! Peace in the land! Self forgiven!

Note to self: Have fun, use restraint to have more fun. My personal definition of oxymoronic.

Have a facilitate in a flourishing feeding of the less fortunate Friday. Do something foundationally fun and fruitful.

The American holiday of Thanksgiving is coming, the whole basis of which was being grateful for the sharing of that most elemental thing - food. There is almost a whole week to find a place to share some. The gift will be yours, trust me.

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