Sunday, November 23, 2014

Heading Outta Here Soon Come!

Since I'll be hitting the road tomorrow, which might sound dashing but is more like a happy lumbering along, I thought I'd best catch up on the last couple of days here in Lake Pan (as the locals call it).

Yesterday, fittingly, was rainy and cool, perfect for having a recuperation day from my brother's brief but potent visit as he was heading to North Carolina. We took a walk in the morning so I could show him the lake and a bit of the neighborhood.

These photos are a bit out of order, but since it takes almost 20 or 100 minutes to load them up, you'll just have to sort it out yourselves, with a few hints.

While he was - somehow - driving for 9 hours, I was pretty much doing nothing. I don't know what Francie was doing as I didn't see her again until this morning. But today is a new day, the sun is trying to shine and I HAVE SHORTS AND A TEE SHIRT ON!! it is a lot warmer.

The ahingas were posing 

Did I mention that Lake Pan had a weed problem

Jonny checks out the boat houses

Off the lake and into the 'hood.

Mighty live oak

Poinsettia plant gone crazy

The welcome sign into Francie's world

Another tree I liked
These are from a walk I took the other day.

Knowing my brother wouldn't arrive until dinner-ish time, we decided to check out of of the local eateries that had been mentioned as a good spot, Catfish Johnny's. In business over 20 years we figured it had to have something going for it, and since we all like catfish, it was worth a try. Unfortunately, Jonny got stuck in city rain Friday afternoon traffic. Ah well, we'd just go anyway and get him a to-go dinner. That worked.

Hey, it wasn't a bad red. At least they had more on offer than moscato, which seems to be the wine of choice here, along with white zin.

Francie is in heaven with fried green tomatoes

All you can eat catfish, 12.95

It was good! Francie said she's never seen me eat so much food. I couldn't help myself.
Which brings us to this morning. Jonny brought a turkey, very sweet. Except both of our ovens aren't working. And we neither have pans large enough. So Francie commenced to hacking cutting up the bird. Two pans on her stove top and two quickly bought pans on the burn barrel.

"How we cook turkey in Lake Panasoffkee." ~ Francie
With that, I need to go check the outdoor cooking arrangement. It took awhile to get all that wet wood going but I like to play with fire and should be playing with it for the next few hours...

Hopefully, I'll have some turkey to take to the next stop on the road. Stay tuned.

Have a spectacularly scrumptious Sunday Funday! Do something silly.

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