Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ Mine

I wrote the following last night when I couldn't get online from my 'I'm the only one here' camping spot. Where, according to my guru Robert, I could be the next two nights. And fine with me, his oversight to the things being done mean time here time there. What else to I have to do beside hang out someplace in Florida on a long road to someplace else?

This is NOT my motorhome, but it's pretty much the sort they work on here. But they treat me like I own six of these. 
Tonight, my second alone, I’m parked at the (More Than Ok) Camper Corral back field, courtesy of Robert and his wonderful crew. After a long day of finding things wrong and right with the Turtle, Robert showed me where to park and handed over a bottle of wine too, pretty awesome for a guy who doesn’t drink. Sure, there’s always a bottle of cab ready for people like me. I guess. Sometimes it’s better not to question much. Or at all. 

Plugged in, RV's to the left of me
I can tell you this. If you have a motorhome (and mine is definitely one of, if not the smallest and oldest here), this is the place to come if you need anything motorhome related. With an amazing crew of family and those who feel like family, they make you family too, along with taking care of business and doing it right, which may or may not feel like family. 

We aren’t finished, hopefully all parts and pieces and work will be done tomorrow. That’s the goal, Mr. NAPA guy finding my spring coil shocks. And then the basics will be done. She still won’t be real pretty on the outside but on the inside, all will be well and what more can I ask than that? Nothing. For now.

Orange groves and the moon to the right. And no bears! 
Life is good. I am tired and didn’t do much of anything all day, but apparently nodding, looking and learning are exhausting. These people never stopped from 8 until 5 and probably there are still things being done over there, but I’m not going to look. 

It’s wine thirty. Good afternoon. Good night.


Now it is day again and a lot warmer than yesterday. I hear we'll have this for a couple of days so I'm going to go bask in it. I'll forget the toilet sort of slightly blowing up in the night, though Robert promised me, when I told him about it this morning, that it was NOT caa-caa, but algae from sitting so long. Does that mean I didn't have to clean myself with bleach? It does mean I'm getting a new toilet. Oh wait, back to sunshine and butterflies.

Have a touch and teach Tuesday. Do something trackable. 

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