Thursday, November 13, 2014

Do You Really Want to See That?

It doesn't matter, you don't have a choice. No photos of Jack and Francie digging in the dirt, cutting pipes, putting pipes together, putting pipes together again. And again. Or any of me on the floor upside down with a glue gun. Not that photos like that wouldn't be entertaining, perhaps even amusing to a slightly bent mind. I realize that. But some things, everyone already knows, just ain't purty, and while purty isn't always my watchword here, well, enough of that.

One very cool bit of knowledge happened yesterday. If you ever need to connect a copper pipe and a PVC pipe I'm sorry for you there is now a wonderful product called SharkBite that will do the trick in a jiffy without finding a welder. Or pretending to be a welder. Even a welder we talked to likes them. A very cute welder who also does tree work and is going to do some here. And we get to watch. And we will. Wait, SharkBites. Yes. Check them out.

After a long day of mainly watching Jack and Francie work (I finished cleaning out an orange tree, put some sealant goop on a window edge and watched glue dry), it was time for another walk to the lake. An afternoon walk. My eyes were so sun stunned the other morning a more mellow time appealed.

The Great Blue put up with me a little bit longer this time. 

But not much longer

I love how these birds literally run on the water. I want to do that!
We watched their antics for awhile. We actually have these birds in Culebra too, but I've never seen so many do this ballet.

Or maybe there just isn't the expanse of fresh/brackish water for them to run and glide on (in other words, escape the human who wrecked their very calm cocktail party)
This eye striking - not literally, my dear - plant grows on the land just up from the water. Does anyone know what it is? And if you know what it is, can it be easily transplanted or started? I'm on a mission to see if I can get some growing in Frnacie's yard. Click for a larger view if need be.

Today we head to Bushnell. Because the center of life is in Bushnell. Or at least propane and wine and liquor are and that's pretty central to my way of thinking.

But for now, the heat is on, the covers are cozy, and I'm not going anywhere.

Have a try and try Thursday. Do something totally. If you can.


  1. Sharkbite, a push-fit connector, that's what I used to repair my leaking houseboat water lines last weekend. It wasn't a copper to plastic connection, but two different types of plastic lines. I repaired these 2 same lines a couple of years ago using barbs and hose clamps and miracle tape since there wasn't any common connectors, and it didn't last. This time I think the fix is permanent, it sure made the repair much easier.

    1. Cool! I thought it was worth passing along because yes, easier is better in these cases, with so many types of lines used along the life of a house or boat.. So far so good here, hope it keeps going well for you too.

  2. Love those water flights. Chilly here with a snow storm and then ice storm. It should warm up tonight. Meanwhile, snuggled in under the sewing machine, making quilts :)

    1. Quilts! You talented chica, you. First stained glass windows, now quilts. I'm thinking about starting to crochet again, since it's not a sweat inducing idea here, plus making warm things sounds good.

  3. Castor Bean. Pretty invasive. Operative words: poisonous, Ricin source, Did I mention Poison? Yes, the original source of Castor Oil, used in Africa as an Ordeal Plant to decide who is telling the truth. The inside of the seed is the poisonous part, the exterior seed coat is pretty tough and contains a strong emetic. Grows 6-25 feet, and hard to get out of a garden, yard, or natural lot. Don't think Francie will appreciate this one.

    1. Thanks so much! I will pass this info on to Francie. Yeah, the plant in the photo is probably 25 feet in height and even wider but not sure how many plants there are. "Francie, it's poison, invasive and can make you throw up if needed." Thanks again.