Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ and Some Not So Tiny Cows

There are a lot of what could be considered very small homes around here. Not tiny, but definitely on the small side, as in many older neighborhoods in America. A lot of them have been added on to, some well, some not so well. There are also a lot of seemingly abandoned homes here, in neighborhoods that are otherwise well lived in, doing fine in a simple way.

Less is more here. You can see the obvious addition, but that's fine. A lot of trees have been cleared out as most of the neighborhood yards are filled with water oaks (bad, they are hollow and fall down easily) and live oaks (good, solid trees, resistant to disease). Probably some clearing is smart as falling trees can do a lot of damage when they succumb to gravity.

As we walked around the neighborhoods, I spied this party on a trailer. Maybe one of the more interesting grill set ups I've ever seen - need handles? weld on a couple of wrenches -  the only thing better would be seeing it in action. Note the small fridge on the back? It is connected. I think it's a smoke box of some kind. Maybe. What I know for sure is that I've never seen a cooler like that in my life but I really like it. 

Yesterday we went to  a big flea market, the Webster Westside Market. I'd been here many years ago and I have to agree with one passer-by's comment, it's not nearly as good as it was back then. Maybe more people are selling things on ebay. Maybe sellers are more savvy and sell some other way. I only know there weren't a lot of Damn! I really really want that! 'Oh! Wish I had more money' moments. Which is a good thing for the wallet but not so good for strolling and looking. I did see a beautiful wooden tool box though...

There was some visual entertainment though, and a very good carnival style sausage, peppers and onions sandwich to be had. The first peddler I saw was this guy. Or I guess that would be pedaler. Or both.

This tiny trailer made for a popular sweet stop.

I'm not sure what it is about big plastic cattle around here, but this wasn't the first one I'd seen. It wasn't until I actually loaded the photos onto my computer that I realized this woman might have confused herself as to what I was aiming at. I almost thought maybe I really did know her. 

There were some nice plants for sale. These pitcher plants (that's what the sign said) were creepily intriguing.

In the town of Bushnell - all roads lead to Bushnell, no matter where you think you are going first - is the first of the giant cattle. Perhaps they are a couple, he, a lifetime destined to oversee a car lot, she a hamburger stand, never to meet and make baby plastic giant calves. You'll have to extrapolate the significance for yourselves. As for me, I find contemplating the idea one of those roads best not to go down. I'm just still trying to get a shot of him from the other side without causing a car wreck. 

It is quiet here. No, not all tiny and small homes have quiet surroundings in common, though being out of cities and into more rural settings does appear to have its obvious draw. No sterile quiet here, there are sirens and trains and planes, dogs barking and NASCAR fans giving the occasional whoop. I guess quiet is relative.

There are some canals that feed into the lake, making 'waterfront' property. This is one of them. It's sort of waterside property - very tranquillo.

Have a time out of time Tuesday. Do something tactfully transporting.


  1. I am really enjoying this travel log/blog. :)))

    1. I'm glad you are since I've seen a few people unsubscribing. And I get it. It's not Culebra! But it's my bigger back yard and so be it.

  2. One more comment, up until a few months ago, when I would comment and hit publish I would have to decipher wiggly letters and numerals and type them in. Now I only have to type in simple numerals. Is this like TSA Pre-check, once you are deemed 'safe' you may waltz on through without the hoops jumping?

    1. i have NO idea why the comments work or do NOT work as they do. Some people cannot comment at all. Some have to deal with random la la ness. I've tried to make it as simple as possible but I seem to get a FAIL in that. Thanks for hanging in there!