Monday, July 27, 2009

Catching up

I feel rather disoriented, as in my little world right now there is a lot going on. Or it seems that way (when life is really calm and quiet, it doesn't take much). Here are some randomly placed photos from the last few days, both on Vieques and home again in time for the PR Constitution celebration at the plaza.

A house with a heart - including mine

Steel pan band in the Fajardo ferry waiting spot...and they are good!

A food cart I guess, but I've seen this type of building
in the Tiny Home blog used as a place to live (Vieques main street)

Things you can do with flamboyant seed pods

Cute little boy on the rail of the ferry

"Hey you guys, smile, you know me!" says fairly inebriated woman
to these guys who say..."Yes, we do." smilingly accordingly

Weird. A good friend of mine on St. Croix is named Matt - whom I call Matty...
and his nickname to others is Chu. But this isn't his boat, I'm sure.

Sort of scary looking porch pigeon

Isabella Segundo bay

I don't even know where this is on Vieques...I was walking lost.
But it was lonely beautiful

Long ago I gave up my indulged passion for collections of dishes (among other *tings*)
but this pattern has stoked lust in my heart...I'm not ashamed

A wonderful dinner of scallops and pasta - thanks, Jimmy!

This is Kai being a very serious dancer...while we're all grinning like mad

Mini getaways are good. I should do it more often. Thanks, Helen, Denny and Jimmy for a home away from home welcome.

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