Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tidying up

There are photos scattered all over my desktop that are calling for clean before they go the way of Nanook, I'm tossing them here in hither and yon fashion. From the other day to yesterday to 15 minutes ago.

Yesterday's 4th of July celebration under overcast skies was full of friends, good food and laughter, with many toasts to Gail and Jack, among others so noticeable in their absence. We called Pat to let her be part of raised voices and hearts. Leave it to Jack to bug out in the wee hours of Independance Day. Somewhere, there is some serious partying going on...

I've been napping most of the day. I went to town to open the cart under drizzly skies and it was busy with people on land and in boats, continuing the holiday. But as the morning went on, under grey and then black and then pouring skies, boats and humans headed out for home and drier spaces. Eventually I thought I had a good window, with the lightning storm happening far enough away (already passed), and the rain that was coming still on hold, to get home. With fairly perfect timing, the rain started after the dinghy was tied to the dock and I was tucking myself into bed next to the cat, to zzzzz out for a few hours. Might be a good idea to do that again.

Kim & her bird Ditto

More of Ditto's adoring subjects

How the wraps turned out
(other photos not worth posting, argh)

Some of the usual suspects and a few new faces

Circle of friends

Food arrived all day as people made it to the party -
no one went hungry and it was all delicious!

How does Wilma always look perfect, you might ask? She's magic, of course.

The still newlyweds

Tethered floaters

This was only one section of dinghies surrounding the houseboat

By the time I finished a drop off it was time to head home in the waning light -
this was one final look back
Some color in the grey

Magic rain pepper


  1. Ditto! yeah!!!! i love that girl!!! glad to see she's out partying!

  2. She hung out (and I mean that literally) for my whole birthday afternoon and evening. Cool bird who owns a cool human.