Friday, July 31, 2009

Last day of July...shhhhh

Amazingly and wonderfully, an uneventful time, climatically speaking, and that's all I'll say about that! The weather has been sultry, a pretty word for humid - think mid-Southern US without the Spanish moss and sweet tea stands. Even when the wind has been honking, it's oven heated air. Then the evenings cool off, yes, that's right, cool off. Not enough to be cold mind you, but enough that you don't go sticky with sweat trying to sleep and it stays that way past the morning shower, so you aren't as wet after you dry off as you were standing under the spray. Nice! Today it is calm and bright.

Up until this morning, bait fish had the birds very excited from first light to last light. Gulls and pelicans have been going crazy with greedy food satisfaction excitement. As dusk came down last evening, the frenzy continued...

People are coming and going on summer-there's-not-much-going-on-here trips. I'm in the planning stages of my own. Rock fever, island fever, itchy feet, call it what you will, it is a time of year to get away for awhile. A time to see new and old faces, catch up with loved ones in person, walk different streets and woods, view different horizons. So hopefully everyone will get a time out that wants one, be it over night or over a few. I'm ready to feel that plane lifting up from the runway...

What's in that...Friday is on hiatus until...until it's not! Anyone is welcome to tell me about their own what's in that though. Guest appearances are a good thing!

And on the adage front...among all the tangles, there is still beauty to be found. Sure, it's a hokey sort of sentiment, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. I think there might be more than a few of us who could use the reminder. I'm first in line, and I'll share.


  1. Seeing the birds reminds me: whats the latest on the Flamenco Flamingo?

  2. I haven't been out there lately but according to someone who goes out fairly regularly, he's still here as of early in the week!