Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tidbits and the other thing

A couple of times a year this flower blooms in the 'trees' that mingle with the mangroves

I read about a study today that says it is possible that 5 cups of coffee a day could help with avoiding Alzheimer's, and maybe even bring back the memory somewhat. Of course, it's early days, but if I can remember, I think I'll give it a try. I rarely drink it anymore, and I'm not sure why except that I kept forgetting to buy milk...hmmmm.

As for whatever I was going to do with the veggies for the Friday post...I still haven't done that but they seem to be disappearing anyway...mainly in sandwiches of oatmeal bread with onions and provelone and sprouts and leaf lettuce...some leftover marinated tofu...but there may still be hope, I'm NOT putting yellow squash in a sandwich!

Maybe it's the heat, but for some reason I'm sleeping more than normal and waking up feeling great for about two hours. Then, suddenly, I'm yawning and know I could very easily nod off at the cart...crossword or project in hand. For someone not used to being 'sleepy' it's a little strange. So if you see me at the cart with my head on my own shoulder and slightly drooling, please wake me gently...thank you!

Here are some photos of what has been going on the last couple of days up until right now! One of the big iguanas was doing the stroll through the yard. The cat caught sight of it and went into huntress mode...for about two steps. Once the iguana twigged onto her, he was doing the stiff arm in her direction. She curled up under a chair and went to sleep. Smart cat.

Today was our patron saint day...the Virgen del Carmen, who is the patron saint of mariners, as well as being the Virgin Mary, which, if you are Catholic, would sort of make her Mom of the World, making her quite the busy woman. Her actual feast day is the 16th of July, but...she was celebrated here today. The Virgen even has her own facebook page, which I 'm sure explains all about the multi-faceted Virgin. No, I'm not kidding...she really does have a page.

Our own Carmen (one of them!), Carmen Rosa, was supposed to remind me of when this was happening....she did, as she and some friends passed under the bridge. Not QUITE the in-time-for-some-planning reminder I was looking for - we'll have to work on that. She was a bit of the tail end herself so maybe she's not drinking her coffee either...

I've been wanting to make banana bread for awhile and every time I think I will, I find some other thing I forgot to buy to make it. But today everything came together so now there are two lovely loaves of banana/mango/ginger/coconut bread for Treat of the Day tomorrow. Yum & yippie!

To bed, to sleep, to look forward to Monday!

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