Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little bits of light and color

Hard to believe right now in the grey blankness of the sky right now that only an hour ago the sun was out and brightly shining...but it's true. It's also hard to believe that it is the end of July and the air is still cool. But so it is.

Here is what I saw this morning. Life is good.

The rain brought out yet another orchid...surprise!

Enjoy Wednesday, looking for the little things.


  1. yeah, well, your rain is coming up here lady, and I gotta tell you -- i don't like it one bit. I had 3 slugs crawling half way up my sliding glass door this morning with my tea.....that's how disgustingly wet and mildewy it is here....

    i'll call you later.

  2. Look away from the uggy sluggies and look at the pretty pictures instead. I thought slugs were Washington's state critter...

  3. On the topic of floral photography, my mother-in-law's garden was featured in a regional landscaping magazine a few years back. The photographers deliberately waited for an overcast day to do the shoot. Evidently the contrast on a sunny day is too harsh for their purposes.

  4. Light is a funny thing...I've got a lot to learn...which keeps life entertaining! Congrats to your Mom-in-law!