Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why our world is in trouble and a couple of corrections

Of course I'm in love with Williams-Sonoma - the catalog, that is. Lots of good eye candy (sort of like guys might look at skin mags, I look at kitchen gadget catalogs...lust in my racing heart). At least I get recipes out of the catalog., I'm not going any farther with this analogy, as I sense that way lies madness. Seriously.

But, I must say, even if I had all the dollars in China, and god knows they've got a handle on our dollars, I'd never order this 'avocado masher', on sale for 15 bucks! And I tremble to think about who does order this. And to carry that to the nth degree, if YOU ordered this, you just wasted perfectly good money. You DO know that that is why god made forks, to mush avocados into guacomole. Comprende? If you have money like that to waste, send it to Feeding America (old name: Second Harvest). Really. You'll still be doing a foodie thing, but in the right place for the righter reasons.

Next. In my post on the Terruno meeting I put up their slide on Fish and Wildlife, which included the, to me, offensive word, collaboration. They used that to imply that F & W was sanctioning what they were doing. Well, I found it pretty revolting to believe and asked a bit and found they do NOT sanction anyone.

These are parts of the very qualified response I got:

"What they are doing is responding to a request for biological consult, like they do to any person who asks for it regardless of their economic status or development/non-development plans. They can't discriminate when someone asks for services which they are mandated to provide."

"...called the office in BoquerĂ³n to ask about this "contract" [the one that the Terruno lawyer made sound like it was an exclusive with them and their project] which is really a loose plan to grow more cactus and plant it in other places, just like they would do with anyone in the world."

Point is, facts are like statistics, they can be twisted any way the user wants. The facts of FWS *supporting* the Terruno project are a twisted version of the truth (and why am I not truly surprised?). So I gladly submit a correction for the erroneous impression I made.

The other error could be my assuming (and in this case, it's just too obvious to pun out on this one, so I won't) that the big guy is a Dubon. Not the fat guy who is a "very serious" person, he IS a Dubon. No, I'm talking about the big guy holding his nose. I don't know where I got that impression or if it is wrong or right, but I am hearing I might be wrong, so sorry about that! Maybe it was the birds of a feather thing. I will try to find out who is who and make it known here.

Quantifier: I rarely have a problem with being corrected but in this case, truthfully, I could maybe care less, but I'm not sure how. I feel this is a group steeped in slimy greed - and after yesterday, I'll go so far as to use the words disrespectfully evil - and the same brush colors all of them, related or not. Shame is not a word these people give a toss about, so I'm just making myself feel better here... But facts are facts and I try to adhere to them, so...I shall.


  1. Same thing if you ever ordered an Avocado Slicer/Peeler thing. What?!?! You need a tool for that?

    Regardless of whether the person in quesion is a Dubon, he sure did seem to think the whole thing was stinky. ;-)


    Don't thank me. Just edit this into a link and enjoy all the tastebudgasms it might create.

    If the guy holding his nose was pro-project, it matters not his name. His heart is black.

  3. 1) Apparently some folks have too much kitchen drawer space.


  4. I've been getting foodporn for months now. It's cruel and wonderful...they really DO need to step up on the recipes though!

    Unfortunately, yes, I agree, but now it's a challenge to find out his name! If I slam someone, I at least like to slam them by name...