Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What happened to Tuesday?

I stayed home yesterday to make hot sauce (and good it is!) and catch up on some other bits that needed to be done around here. One was to get out the chain saw and cut down a branch of the tree that was blocking the chicken coop door from fully opening.

I seem to be obsessed with seeing faces in everything around me - I like this one a lot!

I think I've been avoiding the chain saw since I cut down that big tree that trapped the saw. But for some reason yesterday I felt fully in control of the thing and went on to get rid of a few more troublesome junk trees. Oh the power! Of course, I noticed this morning that I forgot a few too. Ah well, since I am the honey of the honey-do list, it will eventually get done with only a little nagging.

In the meantime, the luring of the chickens continues.

Yesterday an iguana decided he was going in the coop as well, checking out the veg scraps for the chickens. I wasn't quick enough to catch his crawl in but you can tell he's not really too upset to have me standing there taking pictures of him inside the coop. Maybe I'll start raising them instead...probably tastes like chicken, right?

I had a visit from a friend who has a baby chick that someone dropped off at her house. Apparently its siblings were swept away down the drain on one of the streets. Or something. She'd read about the Mama and babies I have here and thought maybe we could insert one more into the group. I thought it sounded fine and with all the chicks, Mama would barely notice another. Well, it didn't turn out that way. The poor thing stood on a pipe looking at Mama and the babies like that old commercial of the kid standing behind the fence, wanting to get in and play with the rest of the kids, but Mama was having none of it. She was tail flounced and finally went after him.

Of course we rescued him and now my friend has her very own chicken. He was pretty hilarious, running to her with his little wings out - I SWEAR I heard him call "MOMMY!!!!" as she gently picked him up. I was in hysterics laughing...being the warm hearted soul that I am. CWIM just sat on the porch watching the whole thing with head shaking disdain. I sent some chicken wire home with her and no doubt she spent the rest of the day building a coop for hopefully more than one. So if anyone knows of some stray baby chicks, let me know...her chick needs a buddy or five. I'm still laughing here, amiga, sorry!

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