Monday, July 13, 2009

mono monday

Sorry but this was just one of those Mondays that had the word q u i e t all over it. I'd go through the day, but I'd hate for you to fall asleep over my post, so I won't. Suffice to say, as I don't get bored, it was a close call. The most exciting thing was going home in my dinghy. With white caps on the bay, I was on one side soaked by the time I got home - but since it was pretty hot today, that felt good. Then I moved fenders around. Then I actually managed to clean off the porch shelf. Yeah, like that. This is NOT the shelf I cleaned off...I'll take a daytime shot and see if it's any better than a nighttime shot. Which was about as thrilling as actually doing it. was much less thrilling. This is the little shelf above my laundry sized outdoor sink. It is how I wished my whole life looked right now. Very Japanese; simple and uncluttered. That should last about 3 days. If nothing else, the lizards won't let it stay this way long... The mangoes are from the firemen across the street from the cart. They are wonderful. Yes, both. I'm not sure where I got the woodcut, or maybe it was here when I showed up...but it makes me happy. If you remember Dustin and his boat, it's a lot like that one.

So you can imagine my joy when this little trivia tidbit hit my inbox! I could read and watch and smile with small happiness that there are sillier things in the world than I imagined on my most cynical days. Enjoy.

My big deal right now is to lure local chickens into the coop. I've decided I'm never going to get to the big island to buy any, so why not? Right now there is a mother hen with about 8 baby babies. They are too small and can escape under little edges of the coop and even though Mom's been inside the coop with them to eat outer lettuce leaves etc. she scares the crap out of me being protective of her babies. I mean, she's got CLAWS! that most parts of my body have no interest in getting acquainted with.

But there are four mid-size chicks, post mama time, who have an intrepid leader (translate as brave and stupid - I'm nicking her Quiznos 1 and hoping it's a her), bringing them closer and closer to me every day to eat the feed I'm lacing the path to the coop with. I feel like Natasha from Bullwinkle, and I'm enjoying every minute of it (the cat is my Boris; we snicker together in the gazebo as our plan unfolds).

Note: Just because I don't do bored doesn't mean my version of entertainment meets some sort of excitement standard. I mean, I DO live here, ya know!

So I decided to put a photo up for the blog because...I don't know, it looked sort of empty there. A decision fueled by the cat laying on the keyboard, nudging for scratches in all the wrong places. As with a few zillion people, I don't care much for photos of myself, not being one of those photogenic sorts (best to believe that than to deal with the reality of oh dear god, I look like that?). But I do like the cat's looks, so here is what came out of the series of more than a few, whittled down.

How the cat and I look at the world most of the time

How the cat and I feel after we look at the world most of the time

How the cat and I agree, screw it, we're going to enjoy ourselves anyway,
most of the time - who am I to resist her grin?


  1. She's stealing chickens! I like the shots of you and CWIM.

  2. Admitted chicken thief attempter, tis true. Quiznos was back with 5 more of her friends this morning...

  3. Stealing chickens on Culebra? BWAAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Guess what...stealing chickens is a technical no no, for true. Of course, technically, I'm not stealing them - they were born in my yard...*cough*

  5. oh boy. oh boy. oh dear.

    but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of you and CWIM -- it's beautiful of both of you and shows the love you girls share...

  6. Oh...that's what that is, huh?