Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things I forgot to post this morning

Yesterday, unlike today, was so full of a number of things, I'm sure we would all be happy...with wings. Sorry, RLS, I had to do that. But I forgot a few things I wanted to post and here they are. The hibiscus above and below are the first sights to greet me as I get out of my dinghy and head to the cart. Because S & T aren't home to see them I thought they should get a glimpse of what makes mornings extra good around this time of year. There ya go, sweetie! Enjoy.

Another thing was unexpectedly going to see goats with Susie. She was told where to find them and there they were, cute as could be. Well, except for handsome and stubborn Mr. Billy Goat, who was tangled up in a hibiscus bush and seemed VERY determined to stay stuck. But he was finally freed after we took out the majority of the bush. No doubt if we'd left him alone he'd have figured it out...maybe. We left with grins and very goaty smelling hands, each headed in the direction of our showers, which left the grins intact. There is something really wonderful about goats if you ever want one for a pet. Just take a female though...the boys do have a serious issue with strong odor!

And the last thing is that we finally have some new photos of Culebra on Google Earth! These were probably taken a few months ago, but lots more recently than the last ones which were from years ago.

If you check it out, be sure to look and see what the Coronal project (follow the road until you would get to Colmado Genesis: see the HUGE brown bare ugly spot? That's where one development kept going on, despite no permits until finally they've been shut down. For now. Then, swing back to the other side of the island, down the road from Dinghy Dock. See the road twisting all over that one hill, from Fulladoza to the other side of the bay? That is the Terruno project molestation. Another developer with no concern for either permits, the law or the environment. The roads have led to serious erosion problems, but hey! Call it green and see who cares? Go down by Flamenco, see what Victor Gonzalas has done...If you don't have Google Earth, it's a simple download but you DO need a fast connection or you'll end up pulling your hair out long before you get it loaded up. It's worth it!


  1. Ugh. I'm afraid to even look. It's bad enough to see it in person from the plane when departing.

  2. Strange, I'm getting Google Earth images from 2006, and nothing more recent.

  3. Have you updated your Google Earth? They have a newer version. I don't know if that would do it or not, but it's the only thing I can think of off the top of my pointy head so far.

  4. MJ, anonymous is correct, the Culebra image on Google earth is from three years ago. You can tell from the fire area showing on the hillside out this way. The last fire was '06.

  5. Yes, I'm seeing that the road at the Coronal project isn't paved and it was paved far back from months ago. So weird to have it updated and then only updated to three YEARS ago! Times flies while I'm...doing something. Thanks for the correction! I didn't think that road ran all over the Terruno area back that far though, guess it did?