Monday, July 20, 2009

Interesting weather

With 97L being the talk right now, I'm bringing it here as well. At the moment, the word is that it is becoming disorganized, but that we should be getting some heavy rains today and on and off through Wednesday...when another wave will be moving in. In where? They aren't sure yet!

But the Atlantic is definitely getting some action and it is time to do what you haven't done yet. Hoping "it" won't happen isn't a very good deterrent against heavy weather!

Make a plan, work your plan, and then relax, knowing you don't have to be scrambling around with a lot of other stressed out people who ALSO waited too long. I'm always a little surprised (why?) when newspapers have these mini-interviews with Home Depot shoppers, irate that there is no more plywood, or cases of water or propane and the storm is two days away. Well, the NERVE of those stores and early shoppers! But every year, from the Caribbean to the US East and Gulf coasts, it is the same thing.

Be different! Be ready! Crazy, I know...


  1. Need an escape route, MJ? Come to our house in Vermont!

  2. Thanks, June...just remember you said that if I ever show up on your doorstep!