Saturday, July 11, 2009

WIT...F catchup and Saturday misc (including Terruno addresses!)

W.I.T...F. is going veggie guy dependent today. So, hopefully whatever I see there will be inspiring, along with whatever is already in the house. It's not quite like doing a Use It Up campaign (more on that later) but close enough for horseshoes.

Well, that is how I was going to start the post yesterday but things happen...what happened yesterday is that with my bag full of veggies in tow, I got to do some prepping at Susie's in the afternoon...into the early evening and my tired self had about enough energy to take a shower, eat a sandwich and read 3 pages of my book before crashing deep into dreamless land. Soooooo....

First things first. In my email was the address needed to send your letters of opinion and comment to the powers that be making deciisions on the Terruno project. This is VERY important so if you have an opinion and can respectfully and strongly state your case, please please please do so!

"Hi MJ, I'm copying and pasting the address and the reference to the case that has to be included. The 15 calendar days to submit end on the 22nd. Make sure you send a hard copy by mail with return receipt request."

Ing. Héctor Morales Vargas


Junta de Planificación

Centro Gubernamental Minillas

Ave. De Diego, Pda. 22

PO Box 41119

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00940-1119

ASUNTO: Consulta Número 2007-77-0047-JPU

Barrio Playa Sardinera II del Municipio de Culebra

Estimado señor Presidente y miembros de la Junta:

[your letter and signature follows here]


Here are some photos from the veggie stand yesterday - Luckily I'd imposed a budget on myself (a nice way of saying my eyes would have been much bigger than my ability to use what I wanted to buy - which was close to everything).

If you have awesome farmer's markets where you live, don't take them for granted. Here, this is like manna. Yes, it's more expensive. But it's HERE! And even more than that, these folks are consistent, bringing us an opportunity every Friday (or according to holiday schedule). I know I've mentioned this before but it's worth another mention, just because.

I'll work with what I bought later on today and post then. Now it's time to make some banana bread and go water the gardens, sort of but not at the same time.

Happy Saturday!

Last second additions and corrections:

The Coqui Fire anniversary party is going to be held Friday the 17th rather than Saturday, due to a conflict in schedules somewhere, so re-mark your calendar if you were planning on it.

Here is a partial list from Zain Deane with more festivals around Puerto Rico this month, starting with today - because if you didn't go to the other ones starting from the first, it's too late anyway! His site has the links turned on.

July is a month of festivals in Puerto Rico. For one, it's a good time to be a patron saint, with several towns celebrating their chosen saints. There are also homages to hammocks, towns, and even film. But the biggest event of the month is all about salsa.

  • The Puerto Rico Salsa Congress is the biggest salsa event in the world, and takes place from July 25-August 1.
  • One of the the largest artisan fairs on the island comes to Barranquitas from July 14-16.
  • The La Parguera Film Festival, featuring Italian and Puerto Rican cinema, takes place in Lajas from July 24-August 2.

Events Calendar:

  • July 6-15: Barceloneta follows suit with a weeklong festival for its patron saint, the Virgen del Carmen, the patroness of fishermen.

  • July 11-14: Cidra has its town festival, with five days of music, food, and its highly anticipated crowning of the festival's queen.

  • July 11-20: Cataño goes all out for its patron saint, the Virgen del Carmen, with nine days of festivities.

  • July 13-15: La Virgen del Carmen gets more love from Arroyo.

  • July 14-16: Barranquitas is the place to be for arts and crafts. The Feria Nacional de Artesanías is one of the biggest annual artisan fairs in Puerto Rico, bringing together more than 200 artists.

  • July 15-19: Vieques throws its Fiestas de Pueblo, or town festival, with 5 days of festivities including music, contests and food.

  • July 18-23: The Adjuntas patron saint festival honors San Joaquín.

  • July 18-27: Fajardo isn't done celebrating, and hosts another festival for its patron saint, Santiago Apóstol.

  • July 18-27: The Fiesta del Pueblo de Guánica, in Guánica, of course, is a very popular regional festival in Puerto Rico's Southeast.

  • July 22-27: The town of Aibonito honors its patron saint, Santiago Apóstol.

  • July 22-27: Loíza has an interesting and symbolic festival, known as the Fiestas Tradicionales de Santiago Apóstol, which celebrates the African heritage of the town and the island. You can catch folk and religious ceremonies, including costumes, masks and bomba dancers.

  • July 24-26: San Germán's patron saint festival commemorates San Germán.

  • July 24-August 2: Lajas kicks off the La Parguera Film Festival, featuring indie and foreign movies celebrating Italian and Puerto Rican Film. For more information, check out their blog.

  • July 25-August 1: Isla Verde brings salseros from around the world for the annual Puerto Rico Salsa Congress. Now in its 12th anniversary, the congress features exhibitions by professional and international dancers, nightly dances, workshops, and some of the best salsa bands on Earth.

  • July 28: The Carnaval de Fajardo in Fajardo is a combination artisan fair and carnival.


  1. are those blueberries? just ordered my annual 5 pounds to freeze for the cold winter months. Used to be for blueberry pie. Now it will be for heart friendly oatmeal with blueberries....yum....

  2. Those are plums! You must have some damn big blueberries, girl! But we've had blueberries, raspberries, strawberries...not fresh from the farm though...ok, gotta get back to the banana bread.